Thursday, January 31, 2013

Help your child break the habit of Thumb sucking

According to the beliefs of the old folks, children who thumb suck demonstrates a good character yet in reality according to clinical studies it is very common among babies as they have natural thumb sucking reflexes, that cause them to put their thumbs into their mouths which is normal even before birth at times.

The natural urge to suck among babies normally decreases after the age of 6 months.  However, some kids continue to suck their thumbs to soothe themselves, as it’s their way to comfort and calm themselves when they feel hungry, sleepy, scared, bored or restless.  When your baby turns 1 year old and still continues the habit of thumb sucking, then it’s about time to help him break the habit.

According to pediatricians, children who suck their thumbs often after the age of 4 can impose risks for dental and speech problems. Thumb sucking may lead to improper growth and formation of the teeth, moreover speech problems include not being able to say Ts and Ds or the child lisps and thrusts out the tongue when talking.

The Benefits Of Volunteering

There comes a time in every person's life when there is a void hard to describe, an unsettling desire to do something bigger than themselves. There are many reasons why volunteer work can replenish that feeling in a most gratifying way, it can redeem the spirit, harvest knowledge, create social connections and improve the CV.

Volunteer work with the Army Cadet Force or other charities such as the Red Cross, Oxfam and Shelter can be a character building component of anyone's life because through helping others, you help yourself. When giving back, you not only gain experience in many of life's components, but you build self-esteem and gain confidence, discovering new things about yourself and the community you take part in. Through altruism and compassion, you create genuine human connections and find priceless life lessons in the least expected places.

Volunteering expands not only our own happiness, but improves the way we interact with the world. We are hardwired to give, reciprocity being an important neurological function that has led to the advancement of society as we know it. It is mutually beneficial to both you, and society, when you volunteer your time and effort to a cause.

The importance of business card in your career and business

In my experience as an entrepreneur and a former corporate employee, I find business cards as one of the most powerful weapon in marketing and promoting products and services. It is the best thing to carry while meeting up prospective clients. Aside from carrying your laptop to aid you in product presentation, giving out a call card will get you shoot the deal in no time.

Business cards however, should be made in a formal layout as it reflects who you are and will be your client’s best resource when your offer is needed in the future.

my business card as a blogger

New clothes for the New Year

As the New Year begins, many of us have a great feeling of turning over a new leaf. Some of us make resolutions, some of us have clear out, some of us even start looking for new jobs. With all these lifestyle shakeups, January is the perfect time to invest in some new clothes and start the new year looking and feeling great. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5 Things to Look for When Buying a New Family Car

The days of having a flashy little two-seater are over. You have a family now, and it's time to look for the best car for everyone. What do you need to consider when purchasing such a vehicle?

Buying a New Car

When it was just you and your spouse, you were concerned about safety but not as much as you are now with your little ones. In general, new cars tend to be safer than used ones, so consider purchasing one of the latter. If the price is a bit high, look into a leasing agreement, or consider purchasing a car that is just a few years old as opposed to one that is 10 years old.

Room for Car Seats

You must also realistically consider the number of small children you plan to have at once. A vehicle with the space for two car seats when you plan to have three children all in a row is really not going to work out. Be sure ample space exists to fit these seats, and ask the dealership if all of the safety features are in place to hold the car seat in. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Safety measures to protect Your Child in Social Networking Sites

One of the largest and famous social networking sites in today’s era is Facebook. From approximately over 100 million registered users the large percentage is composed of teens, or even younger. Online dangers like cyber spies, cyber bullying, sexual predators, identity theft  and a lot more are alarming and should not be ignored. These cybercriminals gain access to personal information in social networking sites including Facebook among others and gain profit from the data they can get. To protect your child from cyberspace predators and other unfavourable incidents, you as parent may consider the following safety measures.

  • Parental supervision is highly needed. It is advisable to install security applications like Net Nanny for you to monitor your child’s online activities.  Updated and configured anti-virus must also be installed, opt to seek an expert who knows about this helpful application to guide you through.  

Reliable Ovens Make Food Taste Nicer!

Reliability is always a factor consumers appreciate in any product or investment. It isn’t any wonder how high-performance, reliability, distinctive features and affordability make Rangemaster  the number one go-to in cooking appliances.

Rangemaster knows what consumers want in superior cooking appliances. Years and years of attention to detail have allowed Rangemaster to become and remain Britain’s most loved cooking appliance brand. Easily, this placement has evolved into an international appreciation for home cooks and professional chefs as well.

Looking at the Rangemaster Classic 90, Rangemaster’s traditional cooking appliance offering gorgeously traditional style and high-end features, offers exciting cooking experiences during every use. One look at this truly beautiful oven is really all it takes to desire this high-end appliance in your kitchen. 

5 Tips to Speed up the Cooking Process

Reliability is always a factor consumers appreciate in any product or investment. It isn’t any wonder how high-performance, reliability, distinctive features and affordability make Rangemaster  the number one go-to in cooking appliances.

Rangemaster knows what consumers want in superior cooking appliances. Years and years of attention to detail have allowed Rangemaster to become and remain Britain’s most loved cooking appliance brand. Easily, this placement has evolved into an international appreciation for home cooks and professional chefs as well.

Looking at the Rangemaster Classic 90, Rangemaster’s traditional cooking appliance offering gorgeously traditional style and high-end features, offers exciting cooking experiences during every use. One look at this truly beautiful oven is really all it takes to desire this high-end appliance in your kitchen. 

Suggested Ways to Foster Family Bonding

Family bonding activities are a great way to develop and keep a strong association and relationship with your children. It allows developing rapport within family members thus strengthening ties and intimacy among them.

But in this time when parents seem to become too absorbed with too much office work, having quality time with their kids sometimes is a hard thing to achieve. What with all the hectic schedules to follow and a lot of deadlines to meet. However, we need to bear in mind that spending time with children while they are young is critical in their development as youth. It is important that parents watch and guide their children as they grow up because it will make them responsible adolescents later. In my opinion, no matter how busy we are, we should find time to spend quality time with our children.

We should not be troubled thinking on how to spend quality time with our family for even simple activities can create a strong tie and connection among family members. Here are suggested Family bonding ways and activities that can form stronger bonds. 

Tips on making your home greener

For many home owners, making the necessary changes to become eco-friendly can seem like a daunting position. On the contrary, it's actually surprising how simple sustainable living can be, from changing the style of light bulb to starting a compost heap in the back garden. Sustainability and energy-efficiency should also be taken into account when extending or renovating the home, by choosing the materials and products you use, it's possible to see a massive reduction in energy bills and your home's carbon footprint. For the home owners themselves it's these small steps that can go a large way towards building a clearer conscience.

Here are some top tips on how to make your home greener, with a variety of short and long term savings:

Insulation and
Geothermal heating

One of the most cost-effective ecological improvements you can make is to insulate your home. On average an annual saving of £135 per year is expected by installing effective floor, wall and roof insulation. A more niche idea, yet one that is gaining popularity on a yearly basis is geothermal heating. By installing a geothermal system into your home, also known as a ground source heat pump or geo-exchange system, it's possibly to heat your home using entirely different means. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Protecting Your Family and Pets From Fire Ants

Ants are found just about everywhere on earth, and one of the most dangerous types is fire ants. In many places a careless encounter can be fatal, and homeowners should never attempt to control them.

The red fire ant is a small brown pest that can be difficult to distinguish from their other cousins, that is, unless you are stung. Fire ants are named because of their painful sting. Some use their stingers in defense of the nest and others use them to subdue their prey.

Is there a Benefit to Ants?

Fire ants are very effective predators; in fact, when eliminated from farms, farmers usually notice an increase in other crop pests. The nuisance is high but when weighted against other issues, many people find them a benefit.

Fire ants prey on cockroaches, larvae of flies and other pests. Today, German law even protects red ants so that they can defend the nation's forests. One of the ants' greatest benefits to us is their fondness for mosquito eggs; some species of these eggs can stay in dry spots for years until it comes time for them to hatch, but the foraging ants prevent and control this.

Red ants also act as good insurance against termites, since they will attack the queen termite and search for their nesting site. As much as the red ant is a nuisance, they probably prevent a lot of termite damage to homes.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Measuring Productivity – Quality or Quantity?

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How do we really measure the efficiency of being productive? Do we need to tire and exhaust ourselves by doing more – quantity? Or doing less yet quality work that produce more worthwhile results in our life?

Being a work at home mom is not easy as most people think. Though I work in pajamas, it does not mean that I am luckier than those who work 8 hours straight in corporate jobs. On the contrary, work at home moms have more longer working hours and variety of things to attend to such as doing the laundry, ironing the clothes, preparing the family meals, cleaning the house, taking care of the kids and more, at the same time beating the deadline on doing online tasks to augment  the family finances  for a decent living.

Why Haven’t More Homes Switched Over to Combination and Digital Locks?

Why Haven’t More Homes Switched Over to Combination and Digital Locks? Before the 1970s, the Swiss completely dominated the world in wristwatch sales. In the early sixties, fearful of losing any market shares to new and cheaper battery-powered watches, a group of Swiss engineers banded together and developed the first quartz wristwatch in 1967—the Beta 1. A conglomerate of Swiss watchmakers, however, decided not to pursue the new technology. By 1968, Seiko introduced the world to the first production quartz watch. It was an instant success. By the time the Swiss saw the error of their ways, it was too late: the Japanese companies would forever take larger and larger shares in a market that had once been literally synonymous with Switzerland.

locksmith combination door lock
There is a simple explanation for why this happened. It wasn’t for lack of technology or ingenuity. It wasn’t because of economic factors or a shortage of financial resources. It was entirely due to clinging stubbornly to the past. Sociologists call this resistance to a shift in paradigm. To the Swiss, the paradigm (model) of a watch was one with a lot of precision gears and delicate springs, not batteries and circuits. This same resistance to change can be applied to the home security and door lock industry: keyed tumble and lever locks remain the predominate choice of homeowners.

E-Cigs and Workplace Productivity

Every business owner knows that having smokers on the payroll cuts into company production. Throughout the day, smokers interrupt their work multiple times to go outside for a cigarette. When electronic cigarettes are allowed as a substitute, those same employees never have to leave their desks to step outside. Productivity and workplace morale increases, adding greater value to employee contributions.

Lesser Work Interruption

Many smoking workers who have to spend eight or more hours each day on the job only have two alternatives during work hours: stop smoking at the workplace or interrupt the workday to light up a cigarette. Because of smoking bans, provisions had to be made to allow employees to leave their desks occasionally to go outside for a smoke. This inevitably reduces productive work hours and affects the performance of employees.

However, the use of electronic cigarettes can change this cycle. In the UK, e-cigarettes are allowed in most commercial establishments and public places, including the workplace. Smokers who use e-cigs can stay at their desk and freely smoke.

Electronic cigarettes emit harmless vaporized smoke instead of toxic secondhand smoke; thus, they're not a nuisance to surrounding people. Moreover, since e-cigarettes don't have the dangerous carcinogens and chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes, employees can decrease the risk of smoking-associated illnesses. This helps in workplace productivity since workers can avoid missing days of work.

With e-cigarettes, you'll no longer have to leave unfinished tasks, lose your train of thought or miss important meetings as you can conveniently smoke in your seat. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Practical Ways To Keep Your House Odor Free

Who wouldn’t want to live in a fresh smelling house? As much as possible, we take effort in keeping our house clean in order to avoid those disgusting odor that might be due to poor air circulation, left-over food, musty odors from old furniture, wallpaper, carpet, garbage or perhaps stocked up soiled clothes. 

These days, there are several deodorizers in the market and you’re seeing them as the fastest possible solution to eradicate the odor. However, bear in mind that these deodorizers aren’t floor cleaners that could just wash away the odor. They tend to mix with the foul ones thus aggravating the horrible smell. 

Before spraying any air freshener, see to it to you’ve already emptied your garbage can, thrown away your leftover food and placed all your soiled clothes in your laundry room.

The 5 Most Annoying Pests That Enter Your Home

It is very difficult to prevent unwanted pests from entering your home on a consistent basis. Such pests are attracted to the indoors to source food and shelter. We are constantly manoeuvring around the home and contacting pest control to terminate and decrease the chances of pests from entering, breeding and living in our homes. It seems that once they get inside, it becomes somewhat impossible to permanently get them out. Let’s have look at the most common pests that tend to invade our homes.


We tend to find cockroaches late at night in a still environment. This is when they arise from the cracks in the walls and floorboards to actively seek food. Cockroaches are insects which have approximately 30 species that associate with human habitats. This is why we continually find them in our homes as they strive to secure warm conditions. A generally large sized insect, they tend to scare and surprise many household family members on appearance. This is due to their unpleasant features, speed and colour.


Flies are adapted for aerial movement and maintain short, streamlined bodies. This makes them an expected pest as they make their way through open doors and windows. They see this as an invitation to enter your home in their quest for food. Once they are in they can become very difficult to remove. Common and successful tactics would include fly swatters and insect spray. There are also more fly related species including dragonflies and mayflies, however they are much less common. 

One Stop Shopping: How to Find a Gift for Everyone On Your List

When it's time for gift giving, you may want to consider thinking outside the box for all of the special people on your list. You will find that there are many gifts online that will allow you to give the ultimate gift to those who are special to you. You don't have to continue to give those same boring gifts year after year; you can gift everyone on your list with an adventure gift that will provide them with an experience of a lifetime. Many times, people will say that they would love to do one thing or another but continue to put it on the back burner. You can gift them with the exact adventure that they have spoken about.

The Sky's the Limit

Perhaps you've heard someone on your list speak about how they would love to learn to fly. You'll be able to gift them with a surprise of a lifetime when you give them the gift of taking flying lessons. Maybe they've mentioned their fascination with a hot air balloon ride; you can also send them up and away with a gift certificate that allows them the balloon ride that they've always hoped for. You can also gift someone with the thrill of sky diving or hang gliding. An exciting helicopter tour may be the gift that you choose to provide them with the adventure of a lifetime. There are many places that offer great tours of all of the exciting things that a city has to offer.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ways to protect your children at home

Children by nature are curious about the things around them, thus gives us the reason why we have to always practice home safety whenever there are kids in our home. Every parent wants to protect their little ones from harm and to keep them safe always.

The following are suggested ways on how to protect your children at home.

Prevent burns and scalds through cooking with care. 

Never leave the kitchen while you are cooking. Tell your children not to use the microwave without your supervision or get help from other adults in the house if they want to cook some popcorn. Restrict them in using the gas stove and ovens.

Anticipate drowning possibilities

Children love to play with water. Always be on the lookout when kids take a bath whether they use the bath tubs or when you let them use the Jacuzzi or the swimming pool. Supervise them closely at all times.

Limited Edition: Gibson Robot Guitars

The Gibson Robot guitar is a revolutionary limited edition guitar that was produced in December 2007. Given the fact that these were produced in limited quantities, they have become collector's items fetching large amounts of money at auctions all around the world. In this post, we'll take a look at the development of these musical pieces, from their inception, invention, premise and advantages over other conventional guitars.


The Gibson Robot Guitar, also known as GOR is essentially a Les Paul since the body construction is typical of the Les Paul design harking back to the 1950s. At the same time, this guitar uses a dedicated computer that tunes the guitar regardless of whichever genre you are playing.

Planning a New Career?

Are you planning for a new career? Many of us consider changing a career path in terms of professional goals when years of working turned out to be a disappointment. We tend to consider a different line of work or new working environment to widen career options and advancement.  Yet, changing a career path is not an easy option.

Most common reasons why people think of planning a new career are:

  • Bored and fed up getting stuck in the same work routine  
  • Fed up dealing and coping up with the kind of co-workers  
  • Frustrations and feel undervalued at lack of promotion  
  • Stressful atmosphere, demanding bosses giving too much work yet underpaid.  
  • To move forward to a greener pasture. 

Registering Your Travel Plans Before You Go on Overseas Holiday

Once you have booked a flight and hotel, hired a car, verified for passport and visa, and purchased travelers insurance for your overseas holiday, you would think that they only thing you have left to do is pack your bags and get to the airport on time. There is one more thing to do however; it is in your best interest to register your travel plans with the government for your home country. In the event there is an emergency at home or you encounter a crisis abroad, registering your travel plans with the government of your home country can provide you with vital information and resources needed in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

The Chances of Trouble Are Low

They majority of overseas traveler do not have any problems during their trips, but with the increased frequency of extreme weather events and unexpected incidents of civil unrest, knowing that you have the resources of your home country can give you peace of mind. Moreover, if you have a family member who is experiencing health issues, registering with the home country gives people back at home the mean to contact you. Having the knowledge you will be contacted if there is a family emergency will allow you to relax and enjoy your holiday.
Some of the reasons the embassy or consulate might contact you include:

  • There is a natural disaster in the country where you are visiting 
  • Civil unrest or conflict breaks out in where you are staying abroad. 
  • There is a worldwide disruption of travel, such as when Super Storm Sandy hit the east coast of the United States or when the volcano erupted in Iceland. 
  • There are urgent travel advisories issued for the country or region in which you are visiting. 
  • A family member is in a crisis situation or has a medical emergency. 

Hope for Cataract Sufferers: Pinhole Glasses

A cataract causes the lens of the eye to become opaque which means the lens can no longer allow light to pass through to the retina as it should. It is the clouding of the lens in the eye and it affects the vision of the patient. Although cataracts are usually related to aging, the condition can be triggered by other factors such as the intake of too much caffeinated coffee. They are commonly found in older people, many of whom either get a cataract by age 80 or would have had a cataract surgery by then. Here are some facts about cataracts.

Facts About Cataracts

* You can develop cataract one or both eyes, but it cannot spread from one eye to the other.

* There are different types of cataracts.

* Cataracts are clumps of protein. The lens mainly consists of water and protein. The protein is arranged in a manner that allows light to pass through, but when it begins to clump together it starts to cloud out small areas of the lens therefore interfering with the light that should reach the retina.

Types of Cataracts

As mentioned before, the development of cataracts can be triggered by various factors. This means that cataracts differ. The types of cataracts are:

1. Secondary cataract - Can develop after a surgery glaucoma or other eye problems. Diabetes and other health problems or even use of steroids can cause cataracts to develop.

2. Traumatic cataract - An old injury to the eye can form the perfect trigger for cataract to form years later.

3. Congenital cataract - This can occur in newborns or they can develop during childhood. It often forms in both eyes, and can sometimes be so small that the child's vision is unaffected. If the cataract impeded the child's vision the lenses may have to be removed.

4. Radiation cataract - Exposure to certain types of radiation can cause cataracts to develop.

3 Tips for Teaching Your Children About Money

If you have children and you want them to be financially responsible, there are a few tips and tricks available that can help with educating them while also making the learning process as fun as possible. Teaching your children about money can help to better prepare them for their own future and how to properly handle the money they earn as they grow into adults. Depending on the age of your children, there are different techniques and methods of teaching about money that can assist with their decision-making in the future.

Be Open

A major tip when talking to children about money is to avoid labeling the subject as "taboo" or simply not discussed in the home. Although it is not necessary to share every detail of your financial situation with your children, talking about saving money, investing money and how to manage finances openly can help them to learn quicker while catching on to adopting your own spending and saving habits. Communicating openly with your children about money, its value and purpose and how it is important to save for potential emergencies and future purchases is a way to set positive habits in place. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Summer Activities For Kids

The start of the long lazy days are about to come as the school-year ends in just a matter of less than two months.  Our children will naturally get bored of the lengthy school break, so instead of consuming their time in front of the computer or watching tv, we can hone their respective unique talents and sharpen their creative imaginations by enrolling them in children’s summer  camps, workshops and other enjoyable summer activities to occupy their idle time.

Here is a list of suggested summer activities that your kids may enjoy.

  • Art and painting workshop like acrylic painting, mixed media collage painting, shirt painting, oil painting in canvass, paper maché figure sculpture, etc.
  • Baking and Cooking

4 Fashion Mistakes That Women Make – And How to Avoid Them

Getting it right when it comes to fashion can be tricky. With new trends appearing every season, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and make choices that you might wish you hadn’t at a later date.

Here, we take a look at some of the most common fashion mistakes that women make, and more importantly, how you can avoid them.

Buying fake designer items

Many women aspire to own designer clothing, but if your budget won’t stretch that far, it can be tempting to buy low quality replicas. The problem with these goods is that most of the time, you can tell that they aren’t the real thing. They won’t have been made with the same care and eye for detail, so you probably won’t be fooling anyone. In addition, they’re often produced in bad conditions with little regard for the workers.

Instead of bowing to the pressure to wear designer, look for high street items that are just as fabulous but kinder to your purse. The overall look will be much better than if you wear fake designer goods.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

E-books or Paperback Books; Which One Would You Prefer?

These days has been said to be the era of the tablet PC and almost everyone has been trying to acquire one. Before the sleek gadget’s birth, E-book readers came in first for those who want to carry along their favorite books anywhere. 

However, book enthusiasts still prefer the paperback and would continue to invest on it no matter what happens. This is just normal, as change doesn’t come in easy. Even the transition of printing press from the hand written books didn’t happen immediately. 

Paperback book readers shared that filling up their library is much fulfilling that seeing their e-readers filled with e-books.  They also argued that reading from e-books can ruin their eyes faster compared to the real ones because these gadgets emit certain kind of radiation no matter how minimal it is.

On the contrary, e-book buyers are just being practical. E-books are way cheaper compared to the paperbacks and the convenience that it gives is something to be noted. These days with paper and fuel’s price shooting up, prices of real books are getting higher as well. 

We are a family of bookworms and the 4 of us still prefer to read on the paperbacks, though I also have a collection of e-books in my netbook . What about you, which of the two platforms of books would you prefer, which one are you choosing? 

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Cuba Holidays – Clearing Up what Not to Take

There is a list as long as your arm when it comes to the no-brainers of what you should and should not take with you on any holiday, exotic or otherwise. However, what you’re probably unaware of is the fact that there’s also a comparably long list of things you’re pretty much banned from taking into any given country which are completely unbeknownst to you and your travel companions. 

One of the very best ways of sucking all the fun out of a good holiday is to study the ins and out right down to the finest detail and end up spending the whole trip paranoid. On the other hand however, an even worse scenario is to find yourself kicking off the trip with a heated and fruitless argument with customs as to why you’ve contravened their laws, or worse still being barred entry altogether. 

Cuba is one of the most accommodating and relaxed environments imaginable for the tourist, but like anywhere else the country has its own unique list of items you can forget about taking along on your holiday. Chances are that most of them won’t have exactly featured highly on your list of “must-takes” but in the spirit of safety and peace of mind it is always worth a look. 

How to Clean Those Hard to Reach Places in the Kitchen

Good hygiene in the kitchen can prevent the spread of infections and germs. Did you know that men are the worst offenders when it comes to basic hygiene?

The Hygiene Council found that many people are not washing their hands before they prepare food, and almost 25% of the population handles food after touching their pets, without disinfecting first.

The figures are startling but as homeowners, we can make a difference in our home. It is our responsibility and the first point of call is the kitchen. We can have a nice, clean cooking area with some simple techniques and tips.

But what about the hard to reach places? There are several nooks and crannies in the kitchen where dirt can congregate. However, read on to find out how to combat those difficult hotspots.

  •     Tough Spot 1: The oven
The oven can amass a lot of grime over time and it can prove difficult to clean thoroughly. Food waste can accumulate right at the back, as well as on the upper top surface.

You don’t need to spend hours trying to keep the appliance looking new.

Baking soda is a cheap cleaning agent and all you need to do is mix it with warm water; or alternatively, choose a range cooker with stay-clean liners which help to minimise maintenance time.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cleaning 101: Tips to keep your home clean and tidy

I learned all my cleaning techniques from my mom.  She taught us, my three other sisters and I how to do house chores and inculcated to us that we should always keep our home clean and tidy. She is very meticulous when it comes to cleanliness, that’s why we call her the cleaning expert and her influence made me an OC too

Here are several tips to keep your home clean and tidy.

  • Put mats by the front and back doors to prevent dirt from being tracked in  
  • Disinfect the telephone daily by swabbing it with cotton dip in alcohol  
  • Sanitize doorknobs with an anti-germicidal spray or disinfectant sprays like Lysol.  
  • Always straighten the shower curtain and keep the bathroom floor and all surfaces dry to prevent molds.  
  • Immediately clean the stove after cooking.  
  • Set a small box for remote controls in the living room.  
  • Place magazines and newspapers on a magazine rack to avoid clutter.  
  • Launder curtains at least twice a month  
  • Vacuum carpets on a regular basis  
  • Schedule cleaning of the windows weekly or every other week 
  • Keep the kitchen sink free from dirty dishes.
  • Have trash bins covered

Keeping things clean and in order will make your home germ-free, tidy and clutter-free.