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How to get rid of unwanted Christmas gifts

It’s difficult knowing what to do with an unwanted Christmas gift: do you ask the person who gave it to you for a receipt and risk coming across as ungrateful, or guiltily throw it in in the trash? Luckily, you don’t have to do either of those things – there are plenty of ways to dispose of presents you don’t like in a way that benefits everyone involved. One of the most popular options is selling items through sites such as eBay. This gives you the chance to unite your gift with someone who will appreciate it more, while also allowing you to make money that can be spent on something you love.  In order to ensure you get the best price possible, avoid opening the packaging and explain in the description that your item is an unwanted gift – buyers often like to know why things are being sold. An informative title, thorough description and plenty of photos can also help boost the price.