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Living with Teens

It is not easy to cope up with children once they reached the puberty stage, followed by the teenage stage.   A teenager is going through rapid physical and emotional changes and parents and teenagers must both make changes in their relationships to adjust to this new stage. Teenagers go backwards and forwards between wanting freedom and yet still needing the security of the family. We as parents want our children to grow to happy independence, yet fear for their safety as we watch them try their wings. We have to cope with the fact that the dreams we have had for our children may not come true - for teenagers have their own dreams. Teenagers have to cope with their parents who often don’t let them do the things they so much want to do. A good relationship with our teenager will help us both to weather the ups and downs. What We (Me and my husband) did? First , we spend time with our sons. This is often hard to arrange as young people usually want to spend a lot of time with their