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The Importance of Reading to Children

There are many important benefits of reading to children , and encouraging reading in children. Not only does reading spark imagination that will stay with your children for the rest of their life, but reading creates the basis of the learning and academic abilities that will be taken into adulthood. This post with highlight the main benefits of reading, and will also discuss some interesting findings that In The Book found when researching the importance of reading to children. Benefits of Reading to Children Reading is Fun A fantastic quote from Dr Seuss states: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”. By reading books, your child is almost guaranteed to explore their imagination, learn about emotion, character and morals. Through reading, kids begin to love learning new things. One of the most important things that reading to children introduces is the idea that reading isn’t a task, it is a fun activity

Ender’s Game: More Than Just a Young Adult Sci-Fi Novel

My youngest son at age 14 is a very wide reader. He is very much into young adult science fiction books so it’s no surprise when he bought the best-selling Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. I saw the film trailer first before I realized it was the book that my son has recently purchased so I became really curious about how the story goes. I started flipping through the pages and discovered how exciting and thrilling the book was. Even if it is tagged as a young adult fiction book, I think thrill-seekers and lovers of science fiction novels will definitely love the storyline and the characters of this book. The story basically revolved around the life of Ender Wiggin, a student leader in a school like no other – the Battle School. This Battle School is found in space and the kids who are taken there must learn to fight at zero gravity. The kids are trained physically and mentally to strategize, fight and win against competing teams in all odds. The immense mix of heroes a

Best Book Series for a Teen

We, moms like our kids to develop a habit of reading, the reason why we encourage them to start to like books and other reading materials while they are young. I am really proud to say that my son is an avid reader. Despite having gadgets and game consoles, Yahmir would rather bury his nose in adventure filled young-adult books especially the Percy Jackson Book Series. You cannot deny his being a huge Rick Riordan fan having the almost all the books in the series. He’s currently waiting for the next book, The House of Hades which is to be launched on October 8 of this year.

E-books or Paperback Books; Which One Would You Prefer?

These days has been said to be the era of the tablet PC and almost everyone has been trying to acquire one. Before the sleek gadget’s birth, E-book readers came in first for those who want to carry along their favorite books anywhere.  However, book enthusiasts still prefer the paperback and would continue to invest on it no matter what happens. This is just normal, as change doesn’t come in easy. Even the transition of printing press from the hand written books didn’t happen immediately.  Paperback book readers shared that filling up their library is much fulfilling that seeing their e-readers filled with e-books.   They also argued that reading from e-books can ruin their eyes faster compared to the real ones because these gadgets emit certain kind of radiation no matter how minimal it is. On the contrary, e-book buyers are just being practical. E-books are way cheaper compared to the paperbacks and the convenience that it gives is something to be noted. These days wit

How to Make Your Computer-Whiz Kid Read Books

For some kids, especially those that are incredibly computer savvy, reading is just not their cup of tea. Though many children enjoy reading on a daily basis, if you have a child who is interested in computers, it may be a bit difficult to find books that are powerful enough to pull them away from the computer screen. That being said there are some ways that you can get your computer savvy child to read, and enjoy doing it. This technique will help open up your child's mind to the wonders of reading.  It takes a specially constructed mind to be able to use and enjoy using technology, technology, though incredibly impressive, is just not for everyone. In a similar vein, non-technological elements are not for everyone either. In order to get your computer oriented kid to read books you may have to employ the use of e-books or electronic books to spark their interest. Part of the draw of paper books for many is the feel of the pages between their fingers and the look of the book

Tips to Develop Your Child’s Love and Skills For Reading

Parents have a huge influence on how fast and quickly their children learn to read. Developing a child’s love and skill for reading is not an easy peasy job. We need to encourage and help our children to draw their attention, to fascinate them, and to make them realize the gain and benefits of reading. Here are some tips to improve and build up your child's progress in reading. Be a role model, seeing you read will inspire and motivate your children to read Start introducing books during the toddler stage; pop-up books for a start will instigate their interest to keep on looking at the book every now and then. Set time to read to your children.   Children will get enthusiastic in this activity, hearing the way how you properly pronounce words will actually help them read better themselves. As you read to each other explore for new vocabularies.

How to encourage kids to instill a love for reading

There are many ways how to encourage children cultivate their reading habits.   We as parents are the ones responsible in teaching them to make reading be a part of their daily routine. We need to start motivating them while they are young. To begin with, introduce reading as a fun activity. For toddlers who are pre-readers the use of pop-up books or musical books will not only act as their mode of entertainment but as a mode of learning as well.   Give time to tell stories about what the book is all about by showing the pictures and sequence of events through every page. Doing this on a daily basis will encourage them to develop their love for reading.