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Tips on selecting the right backpack for school children

Improper use and carrying heavy backpacks is the leading cause of developing bad posture. Curvature of the spine, muscle spasms, uneven shoulder, shoulder blades and hips, pinched nerves that lead to shoulder, neck and back problems in school children which they may carry into adulthood. Initial signs of carrying a backpack poorly are: Pain when carrying the backpack. Red blotch on the shoulders. Numbness or tingling on shoulders and arms. Here are basic tips on how to select the right backpack Do not choose backpacks which are too big for your kid’s body size.   It should fit between the shoulder blade and top of the waist. To ensure that the weight is distributed to the hips and away from the back, it is important to choose a backpack with a waist and chest belt. Look for ergonomic designs like backpacks with shoulder padding that makes a comfortable and easier wear.   Shoulder paddings will prevent straps from digging in the shoulder. Backpack with