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E-Cigs and Workplace Productivity

Every business owner knows that having smokers on the payroll cuts into company production. Throughout the day, smokers interrupt their work multiple times to go outside for a cigarette. When electronic cigarettes are allowed as a substitute, those same employees never have to leave their desks to step outside. Productivity and workplace morale increases, adding greater value to employee contributions. Lesser Work Interruption Many smoking workers who have to spend eight or more hours each day on the job only have two alternatives during work hours: stop smoking at the workplace or interrupt the workday to light up a cigarette. Because of smoking bans, provisions had to be made to allow employees to leave their desks occasionally to go outside for a smoke. This inevitably reduces productive work hours and affects the performance of employees. However, the use of electronic cigarettes can change this cycle. In the UK, e-cigarettes are allowed in most commercial establishme