Friday, December 31, 2010

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan

As a greenapple in the world of blogging, I am very happy that fellow bloggers welcome me in joining blogger groups like Pinay Mommy Bloggers and Pinoy Bloggers.

Now before the year ends,  I am joining Weekend Blog Follower Caravan.  I am so excited to meet fellow bloggers and follow their blogs too.

This is a great treat for me to start the year 2011 in my blogging career. If you're interested to join the Caravan, don't hesitate, come and join Us!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Saving Money Tips Around the Home

Are you also looking for ways to save energy and money at home?  Well, I nearly fainted seeing my monthly bills ballooning in the past year, So, I started to implement the austerity program in my household. I keep on looking for ways and learn ideas on how I can decrease or at least regulate my monthly water and electricity billing statements . Here are some money saving ideas and tips that I’ve learned and religiously applying in my household.

Home Saving Tip 1: Distinguish between Wants and Needs.  Once inside the supermarket/grocery store, I keep on reminding myself to focus on buying first the high priority items and what is really needed. So, in order for me not to splurge on anything, am only bringing enough cash for my needed things to buy and in order to stay within the budget too.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas Wish List 2010

Every year we pray and yearn for our wishes to be granted.  What is written in the lists are the material or intangible things we want to have in the next year to come.  Maybe not all but some of our Christmas wishes do come true.

I've noticed lots of Christmas wish lists cropping up lately, so here is what my own Christmas wish list comprises of:

§  I ask for peace on Earth and goodwill to all men. Conflicts and war be ended.
§  I want an ebook reader, instead of a new cellphone.  I’ve been reading my ebooks in my notebook, desktop pc, pda or in my son’s psp. I need to organize my ebooks in one gadget that serves its purpose.
§  This is a bit embarrassing but I saw a lady boots in my favorite shoe outlet and I want it....
§  I wish for a new job for my eldest son, though he enjoys his work right now being a technical support representative in one of the prestigious bpo here in the Philippines, as a mother I am very much concerned with his health and aspiring for a much better corporate job where his skills being an IT would develop and flourish.
§  I hope and pray for my youngest son to maintain or better uplift his class standing/ranking. Being a transferee, he got into the cream of the crop section and entered the top 10 being the 6th rank on the first quarter of the school year, come second quarter he made it into the 3rd rank. Third quarter exams is scheduled before the school’s Christmas vacation, so I’m wishing him the best of luck.
§  Good health and much better life for my family, parents, sisters and their families.
§  I want a tablet pc too.
§  Most of all, I just want a brilliant Christmas with my two sons, husband and my family.

16 days before Christmas, keeping my fingers crossed for my wishes to come true J