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The Magic Words

Kids always learn their firsts in our homes.   They learn to say their first word and being hands-on mothers, we were the first ones to hear it from them. They learn how to walk, learn how to write and draw through our effort and guidance.   These first experiences and achievements of our children gave us a bundle of joy. This is a moment of lifetime happiness for us. To see how they grow and how they achieve their little ways of joyous success in their endeavors. We also instill into their young minds the proper values and good manners.   We do not stop teaching and honing them to become good people. We teach them the right conduct and implement discipline to prepare them in facing the society and the reality of the outside world. There are three magic words that will help them make a better person as they grow old. 1.       The use of “po and opo” ( A kind of respect use among elders in the Filipino culture) 2.       “Thank you”.   Teaching kids how to express gratitude upon rece