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Living in the Moment: The Key to Happiness

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had this unspoken fascination with bubble wrap. I derive an undeniable sense of satisfaction and calm whenever I pop those tiny air bubbles. This fetish of sorts has even compelled me to Google “bubble wrap,” and visit . It’s interesting to learn so much about a seemingly unimpressionable object which gives you sheer and inexplicable pleasure. But this post is hardly about bubble wrap or packaging implements. It’s about living in the present moment. For me, being wholly absorbed in the here and now is akin to popping bubble wrap. The activity keeps me preoccupied and effectively annihilates any negative thoughts, or unnecessary worries about the future. It keeps me grounded on the present moment.  

The Changing World

I n four decades of my existence in this world, I am now one of the living witnesses who can attest on how the world is changing.  I cannot help comparing the world I grew up into before and how it changed throughout the years.  Monitoring and analyzing, I jot down and put into writing the following changes. Human behavior is far off different before and today.  People of yesterday, especially children were more of the simple type.  Enjoying the simple things life can give, more disciplined and acts in a more refined manner.  During my time, in just one daring look of my Mom, I will behave and stop doing whatever I make her mad.  When I became a mother, I also applied some of the old ways in raising up a kid, but I revised some of them too.  Like for instance, I made sure that we have an open communication with our kids.  We listen to what they say.  They can openly reason out and justify whatever wrong doings they have done, then from there we will explain and let them know the