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Protect your kids from fireplace dangers

Although a fireplace is more an aesthetic structure in modern homes with central heating, it can still be a common necessity for homeowners living in places with cold weather. More often, it’s used as the focal point in the home where families and friends sit around during a cold day. Many home owners opt for a marble fireplace as its elegance easily blends with most settings. But for homes with small children, fireplaces pose many potential dangers. a marble fireplace Help safeguard your children around a fireplace by considering these safety tips. Educate your children that the fireplace is not a toy. Inform them that they can get hurt, injured or burned by playing with it. As much as possible make the fireplace area a child-free room. Install safety barriers around the fireplace, use a metal mesh screen if your fireplace doesn’t have a glass door. Fireplace tools should be kept out of children’s reach. If you have a traditional fireplace, don’t let your chil