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How to wean a toddler from bottle feeding

Bottle feeding a baby is a time-consuming and stressful task. You must monitor your milk production, your baby's feeding schedule, and other factors. Once you start weaning your toddler from the bottle, it can be equally as stressful—but for very different reasons! Some mothers feel bad about denying their toddlers something they adore so much, while others worry that if a bottle isn't around at all times, their children won't get enough food or liquids. What if, then, I could prove to you that things don't have to be this way? That there are actually ways to help you through the process? Be consistent While consistency is important for all aspects of parenting, it's especially important when weaning a toddler from bottle feeding. While your child may be ready to make the transition, she might not want to let go of her beloved bottle—and that's okay! Be patient and don't give up hope if it takes your child a few days or weeks to adjust. The easiest

Scots' impulse buys defy reputation

The stereotypical reputation of Scottish people as being 'careful with money' has been blown out of the water with the findings of a recent survey by Debt Advisory Centre Scotland, which looked at the spending habits of almost 3,500 UK adults, of whom more than 400 were Scottish residents. Although you might think a Scotsman - or woman - would be particularly considerate before making a purchase, the survey found 82% of people there, roughly 3.5 million people, have made a purchase in the past before realising that they regretted it for one reason or another. In 18% of cases overall, the regret stemmed from the fact that the individual later felt that they couldn't afford the amount of money they had spent - perhaps restoring the stereotypical reputation somewhat - but the high proportion of Scottish consumers who stick to their guns once they have made a purchase could still be surprising.