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Five Practical Storage Solutions for Your Bathroom

Whether it's a case of using existing storage in a more efficient way or finding somewhere new to store your bathroom sundries, making use of every centimetre of space can often be the most practical option for bathroom storage. Perhaps your pedestal sink could be swapped for a vanity unit with inbuilt drawers or cupboards, or a washstand that can be used to store clutter in your bathroom. It's also worth considering whether you could switch your current toilet for a combination unit, which will offer maximum s torage for the space available.   A place for everything and everything in its place When it comes to finding suitable storage for your bathroom and indeed anywhere in the house, problems arise when there simply isn't a correct place for something. If your shampoo bottles are always falling in the bath, consider putting up a shelf to store them all. If you find you want to recycle but end up with a collection of empty bottles and toilet roll tubes, put a recept