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4 Simple Ways to Add a Touch of "Green" to your Home

In the past, an average home was surrounded by nature. However, the world has undergone major change, and tens of millions of trees have been cut down. Modern homes don’t come with enough green in them, which is why many people wish to change them. In today’s environment, most people find that their home is boxed in by large, rigid structures, which are completely artificial. image courtesy of Stuart Miles - While there are many exceptions, it’s very difficult for most people to remember what it was like to live alongside nature. If you’re wondering how to make your home more green , you’ll be happy to learn that there are four simple ways to add a touch of green to your home. Add a Wreath When looking for ways to add a touch of green, most people would never think to add a wreath. However, adding a succulent wreath to a home serves as an excellent touch of green. The best part is that it doesn’t require significant investments in time and effor

Cleaning Sunday: 4 Steps to Make it Green

The Sunday chores are something not very amusing but their necessity is significant for the household hygiene, and hygiene is one of the main factors for our health conditions. There is another way to improve your environment and make it healthier and Eco friendly. It is not a secret that the world is trying to work for its future and now is the right time to make your cleaning habits Eco ones. We would like to share some information how you can make your cleaning green. Here are 4 steps to green-up the Sunday cleaning. 1. Plants are green Adding some plants will definitely give a fresh look to your house. You may ask what plants have to  do with cleaning. The thing is that plants are natural air filters that produce oxygen and consume carbon-dioxide. A good number of flowerpots in a room is a great solution for the air quality of your house-space. If we choose some fragrant flower, we will also have a natural air freshener and decoration also. 2. Use natural

Staying Green When Moving House

Moving house has the potential for being a significant source of environmental pollution, but for those who are environmentally aware it is an opportunity to show their commitment to the well-being of our planet. Some form of transport is almost always needed for a move, so that there is really no way of avoiding a contribution to pollution, but steps can be taken that will leave a smaller carbon footprint behind. Packing up a home Cardboard boxes manufactured from recycled material , or wooden crates that derive from sustainable forests should be the containers of choice when moving house. These materials are biodegradable and will decompose over time if they cannot be reused or recycled after a move. Any form of plastic should be avoided, including the convenient, but eco-disastrous bubble-wrap. Old newspapers are just as effective in the protection of fragile items and old sheets or blankets will take care of the larger items, such as the television. Then there are th

Green Home Ideas

There is no limit when it comes to creating a greener home for its typical goal is to become environmentally friendly by simplifying things around the home making them more functional, cheaper and sustainable. Making a green home can save money on household bills while at the same time being eco-friendly. If you are planning for a home improvement project, focus on the enhancement and efficient use of energy such as lightings, electricity and water consumption, fixtures and furniture. Here are some suggested green home ideas: Replace standard windows with large eco-friendly windows. These windows are designed to block the heat outside as it lets the natural light in. Use low energy light bulbs like CFLs or LEDs as it consumes less energy.

Making Your House More Green Without Remodeling

Recently there has been a movement towards green living. People have started to become more environmentally conscious along with realizing the savings to be had from an energy efficient home. However, making the necessary renovations and remodels can become costly and too expensive for some. Here are some ways to make your house more energy efficient and green without doing any remodeling.  Water Savings  There are multiple opportunities for energy savings in regards to water efficiency. The average house uses gallons upon gallons of water each year and this can certainly be improved. One very simple step you can take first is to install aerators onto all the faucets in the house. These aerators are rather inexpensive and can be easily found at almost any home supply store. Aerators work by splicing the water stream into many tiny streams rather than one big stream. The water flow is actually reduced while water pressure is maintained. This makes aerators not only efficien

Tips on making your home greener

For many home owners, making the necessary changes to become eco-friendly can seem like a daunting position. On the contrary, it's actually surprising how simple sustainable living can be, from changing the style of light bulb to starting a compost heap in the back garden. Sustainability and energy-efficiency should also be taken into account when extending or renovating the home, by choosing the materials and products you use, it's possible to see a massive reduction in energy bills and your home's carbon footprint. For the home owners themselves it's these small steps that can go a large way towards building a clearer conscience. Here are some top tips on how to make your home greener, with a variety of short and long term savings: Insulation and Geothermal heating One of the most cost-effective ecological improvements you can make is to insulate your home. On average an annual saving of £135 per year is expected by installing effective floor, wall and roof i

Important Things to Consider when Buying a Home

As we are eyeing into purchasing an owned family abode. Me and my husband conducted a family meeting to discuss and hear ideas from our two sons to consolidate our plans of where and what type of house do we need to buy. It will be a permanent dwelling so we need to assent to the most important things to look for and consider when buying a home. We were happy to know that our children agree with our ideas of an ideal home. We opt to buy a house that will fit the family needs, interests and wants. Which is most preferred a high rise dwelling or a single-detached house and lot? Majority voted for the single-detached house with a spacious lot in front and back. We all want to have a small backyard garden to do mini-farming, as we are all enthusiasts of agriculture and taking care of house pets at the same time. We are planning to buy for a home that is uniquely designed to fit our wishes and budget. We prefer a green home that is energy-efficient and is more comfortable and healt