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Christmas Traditions

As Christmas is nearing, my heart is full of delight to see the colorful season decorations everywhere, I can feel the Christmas spirit in the air. Reminiscing the joys and fun celebrating Christmas during my childhood day s and now as a mother turning over the tradition I grew up with to my kids. The bamboo parol (star lantern), is the symbol of Christmas in the Philippi nes, representing the guiding light, the star of Bethlehem. It emits a warmth unparalleled among holiday adornments and is unique in our country. My youngest son and I had just finished his bamboo parol project in school. We are both happy to see the result of his creativeness. Yearly, we adorn our Christmas tree with different styles and motifs, this year we made it gold and silver. The Belen, nativity scene is usuall y seen in schools, malls and even in offices, to remind us why we are celebrating Christmas. We also have Poinsettias in bloom in our garden, with their ruby-colored, star-shap

Ways of Pampering Myself

Being a stay at home Mom is not an easy task. There are times when I am also so much stressed out because I am too much of a worrier, particularly when there are things that needs repair or replacement in the household, like to look for a plumber to fix a leaking water pipe, or a carpenter to fix the leaking roof are only some of the major house problems that needs immediate attention. Housekeeping, for me is a vocation, an occupation wherein I do not have a monetary remuneration J , yet I also enjoy especially when all things are doing well with my home and family. Keeping my home clean and tidy makes it beautiful and pleasing, which gives me a feeling of peace and contentment. Even if I am busy helping my house help with the routine house chores and tending to my children’s daily needs (cooking and preparing their “baon”), I still find time to pamper myself in my own special ways. Let me share to you how I do it: · Our bathroom is not equipped with a bath tub, so I impr

House Emergencies and Accidents Part 2

Nosebleeds are very common among children and many start spontaneously. Unless they are a direct result of an impact to the nose, the cause may not be known. Simple treatment whereby the blood is encouraged to clot is usually effective. The priority is to protect the victim’s airway and to try and prevent blood from being swallowed. HOW TO TREAT NOSEBLEEDS 1. Lean the child forward and encourage her to spit blood into a handkerchief or some other receptacle. 2. Pinch the child’s nose just below the hard part at its top to and apply firm pressure for 10 minutes (this is the amount of time it takes for a clot to form). If the bleeding has not stopped after 10 minutes, apply pressure for two further periods of 10 minutes. If bleeding continues then take the child to hospital. 3. Once the bleeding has stopped, advise the child not to scratch, pick, or blow her nose, not to drink hot liquid, and not to exert herself, because all these activities can dislodge the clot and cause

House Emergencies and Accidents

Part 1 It is very important for every family member, including the household help to have a knowledge on what to do in cases of accidents, and emergencies. Discussing it over a meal during weekend, wherein the whole family is present, or maybe you can schedule a day for a family conference. First, we have to make sure that we have our first aid kit that is well maintained. Make sure that you have a system for replacing equipment when it has been used and check dressings and medication regularly to ensure that they are in date and undamaged. First Aid Kit for the Home The equipment should be stored in a clearly labeled waterproof box in an easy-to-access position. Here is what my First Aid Kit contains: 1. Small, medium, and large dressings. These are sterile pads with bandages attached that can be used to control heavy bleeding and cover minor wounds. 2. Triangular bandages. They ca n be used as padding around a painful area. They can provide cover for burns or large scrapes a