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Five Most Common Faults for Your Car

A car to some is simply a form of transport to get from Point A to Point B. For others, it is a necessary part of the household, a possession that is listed as part of the family's asset. Yet for others, a car is their pride and joy, to be shown off at every opportunity and to be washed and polished whenever time allows. Car owners who fall into this last group more often than not undertake their own maintenance. While it is important to have your vehicle looked at by professional mechanics at regular intervals, undertaking your own basic maintenance and minor repairs is a satisfying and money-saving activity. Just be sure to research properly and follow tips from experts like those at  before undertaking anything too complicated. Here are some of the more common faults to look out for if you choose to undertake your own maintenance on your car. Battery issues The battery; it’s very important but largely forgotten. The battery in a mod