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Best Positions for a Great Night’s Sleep

We toss, turn, snore, gurgle, talk and sometimes walk around when we are asleep; it’s just something we do that we can’t prevent. We all also have a favourite sleeping position. It might be on your side, on your back or curled up into a ball. But did you know the way you lie can affect how well you sleep? Read on and discover the many sleeping positions that’ll give you the best night’s sleep. On your back A common sleeping position and the one that doctors suggest is the best one for your body. The benefits of sleeping this way is that the back is straight, allowing the mattress to do its job most effectively. For all of you that live in fear of dreaded wrinkles, the Academy of Dermatology in the US advises sleeping on your back to avoid those pesky crow’s feet, as sleeping on your side causes wrinkles in the skin that become permanent over time.