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5 Amazing Animal Rescue Stories

Humanity’s fondness for animals encourages the circulation of reports involving the heart-warming stories of amazing animal rescues. Around the world, people often come together in hopes of saving a helpless creature in danger. Alaska Whale Tale On October 7, 1988, an Alaskan Inupiat hunter named Roy Ahmaogak happened across three gray whales trapped by frozen ice in the Beaufort Sea. Cutting a path through the frozen terrain with a chainsaw was unsuccessful. Village neighbours installed heat pumps to keep the ice from freezing around the whales. Biologists from North Slope Borough arrived and hired a crane with a five-ton hammer to break through the ice. Twenty-one days after discovery, two of the three whales swam back into the open sea after Russian ice breaking vessels cleared a sizable path. The dramatic rescue inspired the movie “Big Miracle.”  Orphaned Baby Bats Raging storms off Australia’s Gold Coast stranded approximately 130 baby bats. Workers from the Australian Bat