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The Role of House Rules in Parenting

Our family agreed to have a set of house rules to follow.  House helpers are included as well to abide in these policies.  My husband and I strictly implemented these regulations primarily for the sake of our kids.  Rules at home is a preparation for rules in society. The principle of proper behavior, organization, responsibility and self-discipline  should be first taught and learned at home.  The time when our kids are ready to go to school, their first step in facing the outside world, they will be ready to comply and conform with the standards. The following are our House Rules: Respect each others privacy.   Don’t just get things which are not yours.   Ask for permission if you want to borrow personal things of other members of the family. For instance: cellphones and other gadgets and things. Return the things properly where you get it. Maintain the cleanliness, order and care of your respective and utility areas.   Organize your things and area everyday. Tidy up your toys a