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TOMS Give Fair

Planning for a family bonding this weekend? Bring your kids in a fun-filled, family friendly day on Sunday, December 4, 2011 at TOMS Give Fair, Trinoma Park in Quezon City. Enjoy pleasurable activities, join the fun to win special prizes too!  Definitely, you and your kids will love the enjoyable event. At the same time you can do some Holiday shopping at the first-ever TOMS Pop-Store in the country and, treat yourself to all the wonderful activities TOMS has lined up for you to enjoy a fun-filled family friendly day. It's their way of saying thank you and getting everyone into the Holiday Giving Spirit. Give Joy, Give TOMS.  See you there!

Happy Birthday Doc B.!

Two of the best traits that my husband possesses are his strong spiritual faith and his being family-centered.   These are only two of the numerous reasons why I am very proud to have him as my life partner. He wants to celebrate family occasions intimately only with me and our two sons. He always tells me that while our children are still young, not yet married and still with us, we have to make the most of it.   Family bonding not only during occasions but anytime or every time we have the chance to spend it with our kids. His birthday, November 22 fell on a weekday, we have plans to go out somewhere but it did not push through for my eldest son is sick, and then my youngest son cannot skip classes as the third quarterly exams is approaching. We agreed to dine out for dinner, for a change.   We usually do not get out at night because everybody is already tired for the day’s work, school and activities. But this day is an exception. We took pleasure in eating the grand slam pizza

Cleaning Maid Service just a Click Away

It is very enjoyable and comfortable to dwell in a clean house. A house is homey and warm when things are in order with less clutter.   The smell of a clean house and its possessions contribute a lot in maintaining the good health of the family members.   House cleaning consumes time especially when cleaning knick-knack areas and cabinets in doing a general cleaning.   Being a mother and an entrepreneur at the same time I need help in doing up the house in order for me to get to work on my other obligations as a mother, a wife and a business woman.  As I was browsing the web, I came to stumble Maid Service Ashburn VA, a site which provides service that will answer your home cleaning needs. Presently, I am hiring a stay-in house helper and thankful that it eases my home work load. However, I cannot find a good one that passes my standards.   I admit I am very meticulous and OC. With Maid service I can surely get my money’s worth as they provide trained cleaners. I can also s

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Aside from new clothes and school Christmas parties, kids look forward to gifts that they will receive this Christmas season.   “Mano po Ninang, Mano po Ninong” are common terms to be heard in this time of the year. I jot down the names of my godchildren and so with my husband’s. I also indicate the age after their names in my list in order for me to get the right gift for them so as not to forget or miss one. I allocate a spending plan in shopping for Christmas gifts.   In order for me to get an idea of how much will I spend, I get a catalogue from toy stores. These toy catalogues are my reference to what will I buy.   Toys are classified according to age and gender. It also offers amazing hot deals that will fit the budget. I enjoy browsing the catalogues especially on the girl’s section.   There are so many toys to choose from. Educational toys, like brain teasers, artsy crafty, and totally techy. Collectibles like action figures, cars, dolls and lots of play

Kids at play

The amazing changes in kids take place from birth to 1 year old.   At this stage, a child is all about observing his environment and picking up the skills needed to become a full-fledged toddler. The best toys right now need to stimulate their sight, sound and touch.   Toys that have bold contrasting colors, toys that make squeaky or crinkling noises and are soft or textured are best for engaging these senses.   Multi-patterned colorful crib mobiles with sounds, wrist, foot and hand rattles are some of the toys recommended for babies 3 months old and older. crib mobile hand rattle rattle When the kid reaches 9 months you can already give him soft blocks, stacking rings or nesting cups. soft blocks stacking rings From age 1 up to age 2 up, floor gyms, music cubes, activity blocks, activity boards or activity tables, simple sturdy musical instruments, colorful balls are toys which may capture their interest. activity gym activity table activity wal

Home theatre speakers

As we are a family who is fond of watching movies and singing videoke, we decided to look and buy for the best small home theatre speakers. Aside that they give excellent performance, they are of high quality too. There are too many brands to choose from in the appliance stores, it really took us time in selecting the best one. These small theatre speakers can be installed easily with less space needed. If properly placed on the right positions in-wall or in-ceilings, it brings the sounds together as if you are inside a cinema. No need to call for a technical man to install it because a simple configuration procedure and advice is already included in the package. It helps to bring quality family bonding time to enjoy watching movies or during a family sing-along session. It is one of the family’s best buys and we have been enjoying it for a year now. We really take pleasure in the high definition movie soundtracks and music. Movie marathon is often scheduled during weekends an

What about a Home Spa?

My husband and I sat on the garden set in our backyard one lazy weekend afternoon. While sipping coffee, we talk about family matters and things that transpired during the week. As he was looking around, he asked my opinion on how we can maximize the space in our backyard; I suggested that we could install a portable hot tub or a home spa in one corner. We can build an open room to serve as an indoor form of family enjoyment and relaxation. I immediately opened my laptop and look for a swim spa manufacturer to give him an idea of the tub structure, design and the size we need. We do not need to travel far just to get into a spa clinic. Our quiet conversations can be done while soaking in it and at the same time refreshes and relaxes our weary mind and bodies. Our children will definitely enjoy it too. By the way I look at him, he seems to like the idea but yet I still need to convince him more, for having a portable home spa is one of my dreams, wishing it will materialize by th

Tiny speck in the eye: First aid

Bringing children to parks and playgrounds is a good form of exercise to let them stretch their muscles and at the same time have fun running and playing.  Playing outdoors holds many surprises for our young explorers.  Unfortunately, there are times that due to strong winds and dust, a foreign matter gets into our little one’s eyes. When this happens do not panic, instead tend to your kid at once so he will not rub his eyes which may cause a serious eye injury. When going outdoors with your kids, make sure to bring with you their extra clothes, clean towel, water to drink, food and most especially an alcohol or a hand sanitizer. What to do if a foreign matter gets into your kids eye? Wash your hands thoroughly or put on alcohol on your hands before attempting to examine your child’s eye. Tell your kid not to rub his eyes, it is much better if he cries so the irritant will be washed away by tears. Do not touch or blow into the eye to dislodge the irritant, doing so will risk scratch

Halloween Trick or Treat

A Halloween Party and Trick or Treat is yearly marked in the school calendar, where my youngest son studies.  Everyone is in high spirits, cheerful and jolly. Parents alike were so excited to see their children in Halloween costumes. This year, Yahmir participated in the parade of costumes.  He wore “The Reaper” guise and happily joined the fanfare. Yahmir, the Reaper Yahmir with his friends Jino in J5 costume and Charles the Monster  Every classroom is beautifully decorated with lots of halloween decorations and eerie designs of mietwagen .  Some wore creepy costumes too. Candies and cookies fill every pumpkin pail of roaming pupils and students.  The school ground was full of pupils and students in Halloween attire. I also wore a witch’s hat while I took pictures around, thanks to my husband who took my picture after I finished roaming around too ahaha.