Ways to protect your children at home

Children by nature are curious about the things around them, thus gives us the reason why we have to always practice home safety whenever there are kids in our home. Every parent wants to protect their little ones from harm and to keep them safe always.

The following are suggested ways on how to protect your children at home.

Prevent burns and scalds through cooking with care. 

Never leave the kitchen while you are cooking. Tell your children not to use the microwave without your supervision or get help from other adults in the house if they want to cook some popcorn. Restrict them in using the gas stove and ovens.

Anticipate drowning possibilities

Children love to play with water. Always be on the lookout when kids take a bath whether they use the bath tubs or when you let them use the Jacuzzi or the swimming pool. Supervise them closely at all times.

Prevent falls, electrocution and unwanted injuries through installing kidproof safety gadgets

Get those windows covered with steel bars. Cover sharp edges (table and chairs) and corners with rubberized corner protector. Install fire alarms.  Cover those electrical sockets and outlets. Arrange and keep appliance electrical cords away. Keep all sharp utensils such as knives or scissors in a locked drawer. If you will buy a new washing machine, make sure it has the child safety feature.

Keep your vehicle doors locked at all times

Kids may want to play driving like their dad, we all know that vehicles emit poisonous gas when kids get locked up inside a car with the engine running it could pose very harmful effect for the kid.

Prevent poisoning

Keep medicines away from children. Toxic products such as cleaning solutions should be kept where children can’t see and get them. Also, make sure to monitor left over foods in the refrigerator, clear the fridge with leftovers regularly.


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