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Practical Advise For People Going Through A Divorce

Getting a divorce is a traumatic time for everybody involved. If you have decided to divorce your husband, you need some advice. Going through this period alone will be tough. You should make sure that you have the help and support of your family around you before you do anything. Your social support will be important during this period. After the divorce, you might not feel like yourself. Loads of people say that they feel lost in the first few weeks after a separation. Here is some practical advice that might help. Get some space Of course, you want space from your ex, but you need space from everybody else too. When you have gone through a divorce, everybody has something to say about it. Before you face people, you should take some time to be alone. You will need to answer loads of questions when you see people. For now, you should take some time to think about what has happened to your relationship . Book yourself a mini-break or take a few days away from home. You

What to do as Grandparents During a Child's Divorce

If any of your children are going through a divorce, your role as a grandparent is about to really experience some major changes. Your days of being the babysitter, having fun times in the park and late night sleepover coordinator just became much more complicated. You now have to consider all the emotions of your child, your grandchild, your child's spouse and the other grandparents. These are not easy times, but here are a few suggestions for getting through this rough patch. The divorce is now public knowledge, and your job as grandparent should remain the same with your grandchildren. Your goal should now be to try and make those visits in your home as close to the visits were before the divorce. You want to try and give the children some normalcy, and you want to give them almost a safe haven where they can feel like things were before the divorce. Children do not understand all the complications that arise with a divorce, and many children blame themselves for the brea

Divorced and Looking for Financial Advice?

Divorce is never easy or straightforward and one of the most complicated issues is often the financial arrangements that have to be made. photo credits: Getting divorced is likely to be a stressful and emotional time so it's important to get an expert to give you honest and independent advice. Ideally, you will be able to sort out the financial settlement without going to court, which can be expensive as well as adding to the stress of the divorce. It is also likely to lead to more acrimony.