Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Importance Of A Family Photoshoot For Capturing Special Memories

All the special reasons why you should go along for a family photoshoot…

Whether you have been for a family photoshoot before or not, you will understand how valuable and special the images captured can be. 

Professional photographers will have plenty of experience about how to make your children smile, laugh and generally enjoy themselves, so that every picture captures a natural happy moment. 

Although nowadays we are spoilt for choice with the sheer variety of cameras and phones with high-quality cameras, the images still don’t compare to those taken in a studio. 

So, it may seem like a mammoth task to get all your family looking smart and on their best behaviour to go along to a photography studio. Once there though, you and your family will no doubt have a blast and come away with some wonderful captured memories to last a lifetime. 

Let’s have a look at some of the great reasons why booking in for a family photoshoot is definitely worth your time…

Professional pictures

First of all, although our phones these days most likely have top-of-the-range cameras capable of capturing quality pictures, they still don’t live up to the standard of professional shots. 

At a professional family photoshoot, the equipment, setting and more will be set up for you to ensure that the images are of an amazing quality and portray all your family members’ individual features well. 

Images taken quickly on a mobile phone simply cannot do the same job and, more often than not, as a parent you just don’t have time to attempt to capture the perfect photo. 

Having professional photos taken of your family is important because they are much more likely to be looked after and passed down the generations. Your kids will probably kick up a fuss when they hear they are being dragged for a family photoshoot but as they get older, they will soon realise the value of capturing their growth and childhood. 

Nousha are a London-based child and family portrait photography company. They are different from other more traditional photography studios as they place an emphasis on capturing the individual character of each family and child. All their photos are taken in black and white and they believe that encouraging families to relax and be themselves makes for the best images - we would have to agree!

Milestones and memories

As well as a family photoshoot being important for capturing high-quality photos, they are also necessary for making sure that special milestones and memories are not forgotten. 

We are all so busy these days that precious moments and phases often get lost in the abyss. Important moments often succumb to more trivial matters like what we are going to make for dinner and when our bills need to be paid by - silly things that sadly take up a lot of brain space. 

A family photoshoot is an amazing way to make sure that these milestones aren’t forgotten. Whether you have a huge immediate family or it is just you and one little one, it is important to capture all the silly phases that people go through.

Fun activity

This point is a bit different but still just as important - taking your troops along for a family photoshoot is heaps of fun! Being in a photography studio won’t be a familiar situation for anyone, so naturally, everyone will be in good spirits anyway due to the excitement. 

This, coupled with funny cues from the photographer about what to do will have the kids giggling away in no time. It is guaranteed that even the grandparents will be having fun. 

Hopefully, this post has motivated you to go off and book in for a family photoshoot - partly to capture all the funny phases your children may be going through but also simply just to have some fun together!

Thursday, February 07, 2019

How to Look Like a Diva on Your Prom

High school kids look forward to their proms for all the fun and festivity that it brings. However, girls have an extra reason to be excited and yet nervous about their proms. Proms lately has emerged as nothing less than fashion pageant where everyone wishes to look like a diva walking down the red carpet. Of course, at this stage, most of us are inspired by celebrity looks and runways but do not have access to professional stylists and designers so you have got to do your own long look. As challenging as it may sound, it is not difficult to do so if you take one baby step at a time and take care of a few things.

Early is Good

The early bird phenomena are very much relevant to your prom preparations as well. The early you start, the better deal you get and then you can plan your look without being in a rush. Prom dress can be incredibly expensive so some people do take advantage of Black Friday and other similar sale seasons to grab their prom gowns in advance for dirt-cheap prices. If you are lucky enough to stumble on something that is a perfect fit for you and is on sale, by all means, grab it. If you fail to find any ready to wear clothing, early planning also allows you enough room to get your outfit customized.

Wear Your Confidence

Regardless of what you wear and how you look, do not let anything override your confidence level. Oozing confidence and taking pride in yourself is the most important thing. Self-awareness is great but make sure you cross over the line and push yourself into self-consciousness.

Your Dress

The fashion industry in the recent past has become more diverse and welcoming to different styles at the same time rather than sticking to a single look at any given point. This is a blessing because it is a more inclusive way of being trendy that allows everyone to be on the fashion grid without having to leave their comfort zones. When picking up your prom dress make sure your outfit is in compliance with the dress code and it is something that you are comfortable to wear. Stick to a long prom dress if you are not comfortable with showing your legs, If you do not want to reveal your skin but still want to have an off shoulder feel, there are some really pretty illusion styles available in the market too.

Makeup and Accessories

Do not go overboard with your makeup and accessories especially if your dress is already very detailed. You can use some bold colors and heavy accessories if your dress is plain or a lot of bare skin is showing, but if you have a fully covered dress or a heavily embellished one, let your heavy accessories pass. If you are a fan of bold and vibrant colors on your face, use them either on the face or on the lips. Do not splatter all your face with color no matter how well you blend it.

Friday, January 18, 2019

How To Resurface Your Garage Floor Using Epoxy

garage floor

Epoxy is a formula made from a mixture of both a resin and a hardener that is commonly used for flooring and other surfaces. Unlike other popular garage floor finishes like sealants, paints, and stains, you won't need to worry about oil and grease stains, and you can easily clean your floors to help them maintain their original appearance. Here's how to apply epoxy on your own!

Perform a Moisture Test

Concrete that has too much moisture will not work with epoxy, so you will want to perform a moisture test before buying or applying any product. The ASTM-D-4263  Plastic Sheet Test is one way to perform this test.

Clean and Repair the Concrete 

Take time to clean and repair your concrete as well as you can. Clean oil stains by scrubbing floors with a cleaning solution designed for cleaning garage floors and pressure wash the surface. A simply sweep goes a long way as well. Use a concrete mixer and a trowel to fill in any holes, chips, or cracks.

Choose the Best Garage Floor Epoxy

Although more expensive, multi-layer coatings are often better quality than one coat varieties. For the best garage floor epoxy, you should invest in a coating that will last longer. You will also need to consider what finish and color you like the best.

Prepare the Floor for Epoxy

Epoxy doesn't bond well to smooth concrete, so you will need to roughen up your garage floor to get the right texture. Using a diamond grinder, shotblaster, or acid wash are some of the best options for achieving this result.

Mix The Resin and Hardener 

Follow the instructions on how to mix together the resin and hardener. A good method is to stir the resin before adding any hardener and continuing to stir until completely finished.

Apply the Epoxy

Lastly, it's time to apply the epoxy to your floors! Use a roller and paintbrush to fully cover your garage. Scatter any color chips after the epoxy is spread.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Operational Scope of Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment Centers

Alcohol and drugs rehabilitation

Alcohol and drugs rehabilitation is one of the most important treatments especially in reducing the dependency levels of alcohol and drugs. Due to human complexity, it is both a psychotherapeutic and medical treatment. Although different treatment procedures depend on the individual patient, the universal rule of combining the two treatments applies. The 'alcohol dependency' as an academic discipline has been home to some of the mind-blowing researches, and this growth explains the improvement of treatments in the last three decades. In line with the advancement in research and technology, intensive inpatient treatment has redefined time frame these treatments.

How to select a rehabilitation and treatment center

The following is a checklist for a rehabilitation center.

In rehabilitation, the experience of a center is king, and it is important to do a background check on the rehabilitation center, both success rate and years in operations. Thanks to the Internet and online reviews, a background check should be less than 10 minutes. Some of the aspects one should check includes the organic reviews from previous clients and the years they have been in operation.

Second, it is important to check an institution’s approach to treatment. Does the rehabilitation center offer any background analysis before beginning the treatment? Understanding the institution’s approach to treatment is one-step to a better choice. One should also check whether the entity offers customized treatment or not. The benefits of customized treatment are unmatched because addictions, just as other conditions are not similar and different people in addictions require different approaches to treatment.

Finally, the institution selected should have qualified professionals. Relevant authorities should license therapists, and other professionals and the importance of being licensed is unmatched. Licensed therapists understand different timeframes needed for treatment as well as the best approach to treating different addictions. This understanding is important especially in saving money and time. Luckily, institutions display qualifications and licenses openly in their offices. 

Life after Rehabilitation and Treatment Center

Most professionals discuss less about life after rehab, but it is one of the most important aspects in recovery. Therapy should therefore prepare the recovered patient on how to rebuild their lives after addiction. Some of the essential aspects include the following.

First, the recovered patient should be prepared on ways to regain their physical lives. It is a scientific reality that addiction has many adverse effects on the physical wellbeing of an addict. The rehabilitation center must walk with the person recovering from the addiction on ways of rebuilding their physical lives. They should be oriented on better ways of eating as well as better ways to exercise the body. During this time, they should avoid activities that require extensive concentration such as driving.

Second, it is important for the rehab to walk with the recovered addict on ways to rebuild their broken financial lives. This exercise entails teaching them on better ways to manage their expenditures and better ways to manage their savings. Addictions are the greatest threat to better financial decisions, and it is, therefore, important to coach the recovered addicts on better ways to save, spend, and earn money legitimately. 

Time scope in treatment (inpatient and outpatient treatment)

Just like typical treatment, rehabilitation can be either inpatient or outpatient. Each of this treatment approach has its own advantages. Although each of these approaches might have some disadvantages, it is subjective and it, all depends on the intensity of the addiction and one daily schedule.

For inpatient treatment, for example, the patient has higher chances of recovering at a faster rate thanks to the following reasons. One has accesses to a therapist and any other professionals at any given time. This setting also helps the patient to have a support system of more people recovering. This treatment environment, however, takes away the freedom of the patient to continue with normal life.

On the other hand, an outpatient is also a viable approach to treatment. Just like inpatient treatment, it has its strengths and weaknesses. For the advantages, it helps the patient to continue with life. Both the therapist and the patient can schedule treatments depending on the schedules. It is, therefore, a flexible treatment approach and therefore simpler and attainable. When compared to the efficiency aspect, however, it can be inefficient since there is a lot of disruption within the treatment. The affordability aspect makes it more popular than inpatient treatment.