Sunday, September 15, 2019

3 Ways to Send Faxes with an Online Fax Service

fax service

Did you know that you don’t need a fax machine to fax anymore?  Perhaps you’ve used a thousand times and you’ve grown accustomed to it, but you don’t need to keep using outdated technology. The new way to fax is digital, and has proven to be a faster and more cost-effective alternative to the traditional method.

Online fax services mix the convenience of communicating digitally with the reliability and security of faxing.  One of the biggest perks of using these services is that they provide different ways to send fax without having to rely on a fax machine and without incurring in the costs of a dedicated fax line.

Sending a fax doesn’t have to a frustrating experience.  If you are still using your fax machine you’ll notice that these methods are very easy to use and don’t need any type of advanced knowledge from your part.  Let’s take a look at them

1. Using Your Email

This is the most common way to send faxes online.  Once you sign up with an online fax service, they will hook a virtual fax line to your email, so you can send faxes the same way you send an email.

It’s a very easy process, with only minor differences to sending a common email and it works with all kinds of email addresses, including free ones such as Outlook, Yahoo Mail and Gmail. This tutorial has more details on how to send your first fax from email.

Basically, you compose a new email and attach the file you want to fax.  Services work with many file formats, converting them to an analog transmission before sending the fax to the recipient. At the same time they are able to receive incoming fax and forward it to your inbox as a PDF attachment.

2. Using Your Online Fax Service’s Web Tool

Every online fax service has an web tool that you can use to send faxes.  You just need to log into your online fax service account and look for the “Send” section on the main page.  You’ll be taken to a web form.  Enter the details of the recipient, upload the files you want to fax and send your fax.

This method has the advantage that it can provide additional functions, like for example the ability to pull documents straight from your cloud storage accounts (in services like Box, Google Drive or Dropbox), the ability to broadcast a fax to more than 100 contacts at the same time, and an easy way to fax from your Contacts database.

3. Using Your Cell Phone

This third method is the newest one, but has already become very popular.  Faxing from your smartphone lets you practically have a virtual fax machine in your pocket at all times!  Forget about rushing to the nearest office store to send a fax, you can just do it in a few taps.

This is all possible with the aid of mobile fax apps. Now, not all services have these apps, so it’s good to do some research before deciding on a service.  The main advantage of this method is its flexibility.  Although apps lack some of the advanced features of the web account, they offer the advantage of taking a photo of a document to then fax it automatically, already optimized to be readable on any machine.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

4 Basic Essentials of a Prenuptial Agreement

prenuptial agreement

A prenuptial agreement, usually abbreviated as prenup is a written contract created by two people prior to marriage. The agreement can vary, but typically made to protect the assets of both parties in the event of breakupof marriage or divorce.

Premarital agreement is not only for the rich and famous. Nowadays, it is becoming a norm, a modest means used to specify and protect what each person's property rights as well as any debts will be after the marriage.

Here are the basic essentials of Prenuptial agreement:

Make a Valid Prenup

Each state has its own laws regarding the enforcement and validity of prenuptial agreements. So, if you do not want your private agreement to be thrown out down the road, the first move is to get your own counsel. If you are living in Southern Minnesota you can seek the advice of the family law attorney in Mankato, MN. It is highly recommended for both parties to be represented by independent lawyers to successfully carry out a valid contract.

Fairness and entered into voluntarily 

Both parties should voluntarily agree with the contract. Therefore, make sure not to draft a one-sided agreement. 

The agreement has to be fair; both parties should discuss the terms and conditions they want to be enforced with their lawyers. Thus, making a prenup agreement should be made months ahead before marriage and must not be rushed.

Agreement should be in writing and must be signed in the presence of witnesses.

Full disclosure

In general, full disclosures of assets and liabilities of both parties are required. 

Clarify financial rights and responsibilities during marriage with or without children.

Set the terms

Prenups may address other issues as well. It can be customized depending on the terms set by both parties.

It can be used to protect couples from each other’s debts.

Couples can set an agreement on the assets earned during the marriage. These are considered marital property which can be subject to division.

The right to alimony can also be discussed in the agreement whether either party could go after the other for alimony or should it be waived in case of divorce.

Each prenuptial agreement is tailored to the couples terms and assets they agreed to, however, it cannot limit child support. The courts do not let couples bargain away the rights of their children.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Common household DIY projects that will require high quality tools

There are many DIY projects that you can handle at home. Projects such as making furniture, fence and doing repairs on your kitchen cabinets do not require you to hire professionals. You can just handle the job yourself. However, it is important to note that you need power tools in order to complete these projects successfully. 

household DIY projects

Although power tools are expensive to purchase when compared to hand tools, they last longer and have better results on woodworking projects - if you need help in choosing them then read here. Below, we will look at some of the home projects that will require you to use power tools. 

Installing block boards

Block board installation is very common in modern homes as it is has many applications.  First, block boards can be used to make ceiling or partitioning rooms. One of the most important tools to use in this project is a circular saw. Circular saws play many roles in this type of DIY project for they make sharp and accurate cuts on partition boards. To make things even better, they are able to create angled cuts on both wood and boards.  However, if you need to make special cuts and patterns on the board, you may require a jigsaw. 

Drilling holes on sinks, faucets and door knobs

There are many projects that require you to put screws on hard surfaces such as dense wood and plastic. However, these screws cannot run into wood by themselves and instead, you need to create pilot holes to guide the screws.  For such projects, you need to have a cordless drill at hand. A drill comes with different bits on the head that can allow you to not only pilot screws through wood but also drill holes for fixing door knobs. Also, a drill can come handy when you want to install bolts into brick or concrete. 

Installing beautiful fixtures

When beautifying your home, you may want to install some attractive fixtures. Such fixtures include ceiling boards that come with attractive patterns and shapes. To be able to make those patterns, you will need a high quality tool such as a jigsaw. Jigsaws are good for making patterns on the boards. Jigsaws are easy to use, especially since they come with an orbital action. This is because they are able to eliminate vibrations and therefore result in accurate cuts. The best jigsaws on the market should have quality blades, splinter guards and proper dust collection.  

Building the roof and ceiling structure

Building the roof and ceiling requires precisely sized pieces of wood. This is to enable the structure to come out perfectly while at the same time be able to hold either the roof and ceiling fixtures. Therefore, there is a need to have a table saw which cuts pieces of wood with a high degree of accuracy.


High quality power tools are very important in different household projects for they produce accurate and sharp results. With them, you can be able to finish your DIY home projects faster. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Filipino and Panitikan excluded as core subjects in college: Aye or Nay

The Supreme Court (SC) has ruled with finality that the Filipino and Panitikan or Philippine Literature can be excluded as core subjects in college. “No further pleadings or motions shall be entertained in this case. Let entry of final judgment be issued immediately,” said SC clerk of court Edgar Aricheta.

The SC en banc stood by its ruling last Oct. 9 in a five-page resolution after petitioners failed to present substantive new arguments that would have swayed the justices to change their opinion.

This decision has been criticized by those who believe that it is a necessity to include the country’s native language in core curricula.

In a statement, CHED Chairperson Prospero de Vera III said promoting Filipino language is not limited to teaching it in schools.

Moreover, De Vera said -

"The accusation of critics that CHED is anti-Filipino is wrong,"

"The Commission believes in the fundamental role played by language in education. To be properly cultivated, Filipino cannot merely be taught as a subject, but must be used in oral and written forms, across academic domains."

"CHED did not abolish Filipino and Panitikan in the General Education Curriculum. Instead, these were transferred to the Senior High School level since these are important building blocks in the preparation of senior high students to be university-ready when they graduate,"

He also called on colleges and universities to exercise their academic freedom "to include innovative reforms in their various curricula that may include language proficiency not just in Filipino but also other Philippine languages such as Ilocano, Waray, Cebuano, Ilonggo, Pangasinan, Bicolano, and Asian languages that will make graduates regionally and globally competitive."

De Vera likewise assured the public that “CHED will support colleges and universities that will pursue language innovation while providing scholarship and professional education assistance to affected Filipino and Panitikan teachers through the K to 12 Transition Program Fund.”

Upon the implementation of the K-12 program in 2011 which have added two more years of senior high school, I think it is just right to exclude Filipino and Panitikan in college core subjects. However, it should depend also on the college course. Some courses in college like BSEd, ABCommunications and the likes still have the need to include it in their core curricula.

It is public knowledge that Filipino and Philippine Literature were already taught in the basic education curriculum: elementary, junior and senior high school level. Instead of teaching other foreign language, in my opinion, it is best to focus on these two subjects to engrave Patriotism and knowledge in our own culture.

Since Filipino and Panitikan were delisted as mandatory subjects in some college courses, it does not mean that we already have forgotten our native language. College subjects should focus on exposing students to different channels of knowledge to develop intellectual competencies and capabilities to prepare them to actual realities of life after graduation.

Now, my take on this matter is definitely Aye!  What about you?