Wednesday, December 12, 2018

5 Tips for Buying Baby Clothes

baby clothes

Maybe you've just given birth. Maybe your littlest bundle of joy is still on the way, but you want to get a head start when it comes to picking out their wardrobe. Whatever your reasons for thinking about baby clothes, here are just five tips for only buying the best!

1. Buy Bigger Sizes

Your baby will grow more rapidly than you expect. Unless you're happy with only getting one or two "wears" out of a particular outfit, you'll want to buy a size bigger than you actually need. This will also come in handy when diapers require additional room under their clothes.

2. Consider Diaper Access

Speaking of diapers, it's important to look at every outfit through the lens of an eventual change. If you'll need to unzip, unstrap and unbutton a dozen different things to tend to your baby's needs, it's not a very practical outfit.

3. Layer It Up

Layers will be your best friend when it comes to dressing your baby. Since they'll start fussing if they get too hot or too cold, layers will allow you to regulate their body temperature without changing their entire outfit. If they get chilly, just add another layer. If they get warm, just remove one.

4. Start a Swap

It's easy to blow your entire budget on baby clothes. If you're thrifty, however, you can find or create a swapping event in your community where moms get together to share gently-used baby clothes. It can save you a ton of money in the long run!

5. Have Fun

Do you love football? Look into baby sports clothes so that your tot can proudly wear your team's favorite colors. Do you enjoy pop culture? There are onesies with all kinds of characters and movie quotes on them. Don't be afraid to have a little fun with your baby's wardrobe. They can't complain!

These are just a few tips for buying baby clothes that are both fashionable and functional. If you want your little one to be just as stylish as mommy and daddy, use these suggestions to make it happen!

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Sunday, December 09, 2018

5 Reasons to Start a Photo book Now

Most pictures today never get to be printed anymore because people prefer to store them in digital form instead. But why hide your pictures when you can share your precious moments in a photo book? These picture books can be placed at your coffee table or library where friends and loved ones can easily access them. With the help of the best photo book maker around you can easily create a book for every special moment with your loved ones. If that is not reason enough to start printing your photos now, then here is more.

1. Nostalgia. Printed photos may be outdated but they are not extinct. There are still people who keep scrapbooks and photo albums with printed photos in them. These people will tell you that a printed picture offers a different kind of joy compared to its digital form. So why limit yourself to digital pictures when you can experience the nostalgic joy of digital prints?  Not just that, you can also share your nostalgia with your loved ones by browsing through your photo books together.

2. More Vivid Memories. Photographs enable people to relive the special moments in their lives. But once you organize a group of pictures, it can help you relive not just the captured moment but everything that happened when the photo was taken. Thus, making your memory of the event more vivid than ever.

3. Photo Preservation. Even in this digital age experts still recommend that you have your photos printed to preserve it. The danger of losing your precious memories are present in both the real world and the digital world. This is because digital files can be corrupted, erased, or even stolen. As such, it would be best to have both printed and digital copies of your photos. Having your precious shots printed in a photo book is a good way to preserve them for the next generation to see.

4. Story Telling. Every captured moment tells its own story. Travel photos often tell stories of fun and adventure while milestones photos are often about love and bond within the family. As such, creating your own photo book enables you to share your stories to others.
5. A photo book is a book for everyone. It may be your pictures on the book but you aren’t the only one who is going to love it. Everyone who cares about you will love the book whether they are in it or not. It’s simply because photo books are often filled with fond memories that is meant to bring good vibes for everyone.

Each photo taken during bonding moments and milestones is precious simply because no can turn back time. But what is the use of these photos if you are simply going to leave them in the cloud or your digital storage? Creating your own photo books can be quite simple. All you have to do is take advantage of the photo book services available today and create your own printed albums now.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Newborn Essentials for First Time Parents

Preparing stuff for a baby on the way is truly a gruesome task. You have lots of things to consider but thanks to some thoughtful friends who prepare Baby Showers, you’ll have a shorter list to complete before the big day comes.

Just recently, I have to recall all the baby essentials I needed with my sons when they were born so that I can give my friend a practical gift that she can use for her baby. As first time parents, they have a long list of baby stuff and essentials to prepare and buy. For me, here are some essential things that should make a priority on your list.

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First is the bassinet or a crib. Most new mothers can’t get enough of holding their baby and sometimes choose to co-sleep with their baby on their side. But sooner or later a crib will come in quite conveniently.  Boppy pillows are also functional and practical to have especially with a newborn. Expectant moms will find comfort with this when used as a sleep positioner for their bulging stomach. You can also use this as a support when you are breastfeeding.

First time parents will also need lots of one piece suits and baby clothing because you might need to change them often. However, it is advised not to buy more than two dozen as babies grow faster, you’ll be surprised that after the third month you’ll need to buy a new set of clothes again. White is the recommended color for baby clothing but other hues such as pink and yellow for baby girls and blue and greens for baby boys are available in baby stores too. 

One of the most needed newborn essentials is the cloth or disposable diapers.  It would be wise to buy disposable diapers in bulk as it is cheaper by the dozens, thus will give you great savings too.  Moreover, it is also wise to invest on a baby monitor for your baby’s room so you can do other chores around the house yet still can monitor your baby’s activity and can attend to him at once when he gets awake or cries and needs a nappy change or feed him when he’s hungry.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Feeling the Winter Doldrums? Consider Giving to Charity


If you are feeling a bit blue this winter season, then you might want to consider volunteering. While many go into projects firmly believing that they are giving to the community, many soon discover that the community blesses them more than they could ever give away. Here are some of the ways that you may want to volunteer.

Share a Talent

There are many ways that you can share a talent that you have with your community. For example, despite being confined to a hospital bed and on Hospice, 91-year-old Morrie Boogart has knitted over 8,000 caps to give away to the homeless. Others, choose to work in a soup kitchen sharing their cooking and baking skills. If you are a musician, then you might think about sharing your musical talents through an organization like Sing For Hope that teaches music in New York City's inner-city schools.

Donate Goods

Almost everyone has things of value that they can donate. For example, when Bertis Downs who was the lawyer for rock band R.E.M. discovered that his taste in wine had changed, he worked with a middleman to sell over $150,000 of red wine. The money was put in a trust where he and his wife Karen could dole it out to their favorite charities. Even if you do not have a collection that is worth that much money, most people can gather things around their homes and give it to their favorite charity or to someone in need.

Give Money

One of the easiest ways to help your favorite charity is to give them a cash donation. For example, in 2017, Jon Huntsman Sr., Suleiman bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi, and Charles Francis Feeney have given away so much that they are no longer billionaires. Even if you do are not a billionaire, most people can give away a little to help those around them.

Whether you choose to sing a song of hope, give away your material goods or donate cash, consider brightening someone else's day. You may discover that your own day is much brighter when you give a piece of yourself away.

Image source: Pixabay