Friday, April 16, 2021

Understanding Dementia and How to Cope with it


Dementia is a common term used to describe the weakening or deterioration of mental ability like memory, thinking behavior that impairs a person’s ability to communicate and ability to perform daily activities.

According World Health Organization around 50 million people have dementia worldwide, and there are nearly 10 million new cases every year. 60-70% of cases have Alzheimer's disease, the most common form of dementia. It is also stated that while it affects the older generation, it is not a normal part of aging.

It is heartbreaking and overwhelming not only for the people who have it but also for their families. Most often, lack of understanding and awareness results in stigmatization, thus affecting proper care. Remember, persons with Dementia need constant care and companion, and most families opposed to moving their loved ones having the syndrome to an assisted living community thus, choose to seek additional support at home through Dementia home care specialists who can provide a high level of care and support that your loved one deserves.

Signs and Symptoms

Dementia results from a variety of injuries and diseases that affect the brain such as Parkinson’s disease dementia, stroke, or Alzheimer's disease. The onset of symptoms may be noticed by the person himself, family and diagnosed by a Neurologist. Possible signs and symptoms are as follows:

  • Forgetfulness and recent memory loss. Forgetting what is asked and asking the same question repeatedly.
  • Disorientation – getting lost in a previously familiar place, like a supermarket or neighborhood street.
  • Having trouble in completing familiar daily tasks – like cooking a meal or even making coffee
  • Communication difficulties and loss of initiative– like having trouble remembering and using simple words then showing less interest in starting something or going somewhere.
  • Misplacing things – forgetting the location of everyday items such as wallet or keys to name a few.
  • Temper, mood, and personality changes – sudden changing of disposition and temperament being irritable, fearful or suspicious.

Foods bad for dementia

The following foods are not recommended for daily intake for people having the syndrome.

  • Red meat - should have fewer than 4 servings a week
  • Butter and margarine - less than a tablespoon of butter a day
  • Cheese - less than a serving a week
  • Pastries and sweets - less than a serving a week
  • Fried and Fast-food - less than a serving a week


How to Cope with Dementia

Daily tasks and activities

It is vital for the individual having the disease to retain their normal daily activities as much as possible. It will also be helpful to let them be with their beloved pet dog or cat as it can help reduce anxiety, loneliness, and agitation.

Find subtle ways to step in when your loved one needs help that he may not be ready to ask for, like taking medication or taking a bath.

One task at a time, don’t bombard him with multiple tasks, be patient.

Aggressive behavior

People with dementia will exhibit hostile action and speech as their response to being helpless and confused feeling. They will be able to sense if you are angry or agitated as they pay more attention to what they see and not what they hear. Therefore, there is a tendency that they will less likely to cooperate.  

Stay calm, don’t be contradictory. They are most often being aggressive because they cannot express what they are trying to convey. Shift their focus by asking one question at a time; Ask questions answerable with yes or no.


Always treat them with courtesy and respect. Listen and talk less. Let them do the talking most of the time so you will know more about what is bothering them. Never criticize or scold them, most importantly don’t brush their feelings aside. This is the time when you need to understand them more than hate them.

Self-care and Respite

When you are providing care for your loved one with dementia, you also need to take care of yourself, take a break as you may also experience emotional stress and a physical toll on your body. Take time to have a breathing space, accept helping hands from family members or seek the service of home care specialists in your area. You do not need to shoulder the burden alone. Respite and recharge.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

How to Save Money for Businesses: Potent and Simple Steps to Investing on Energy Efficient Equipment

Save Money for Businesses

Finding a way to reduce expenses is a must during this difficult time. With rising prices and a
crashing economy, it can be rather difficult to balance one’s financial situation. This is especially true for businesses who wish to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is unavoidable that businesses will have to make a few sacrifices. Sales might even go down during this period. However, the pandemic does bring an opportunity to businesses that need change to their workplace.

The placing of social distancing and strict laws due to the pandemic gives businesses the time to plan any renovations to their office. Whether it be changing the floorplan or changing the ventilation system, the lack of people within buildings is the perfect time to make some changes. It won’t disrupt the usual workflow, and you can also avoid any workplace hazards that can put your employees at risk.

Admittedly though, it can be difficult to plan any changes for the business. After all, business owners would prioritize reducing any expenses during the pandemic so the business can last longer. In this case, any investments that a business owner should make must be based on two things: cost and energy efficiency.

Why consider Energy Efficiency as part of workplace renovations?

Energy efficiency can go a long way. Adequate understanding about this topic can help the business break even and be more sustainable once normal operations resume. Energy efficiency also has the advantage of reducing future energy-related bills by saving energy in wise yet effective methods. It helps the environment by reducing carbon emissions and helps to give the business a good reputation for prospective clients.

There is also the fact that the government encourages businesses to invest in energy-efficient plants and machinery. Investing in the aforementioned equipment can be backed up by an Enhanced Capital Allowance claim, which can help save the business from spending too much. The ECA claim can go as high as recouping 40% of the cost of installment through a reduction of a business’ tax bill. There are specialized organizations, such as Sovpsl, that can help businesses get through this process.

Tips to investing in the right Energy Efficient Equipment for the business

Of course, all this talk of energy efficiency can be easier said than done. There are many things to consider when it comes to energy-saving equipment, and choosing the right one can seem rather difficult. As such, here are a few things to consider when you invest in energy-efficient equipment.

1. Lighting

While air conditioning and other appliances contribute the most to a business’ electrical bills, lighting is still one factor that can bloat up your electrical bills. Lights left open on unmanned places can accumulate expenses overtime on top of other expenses. Outdated light bulbs also use more energy than modern light bulbs, and are susceptible to “burnouts”. It is a great idea to consider this factor as you go forward to making some energy-efficient changes in the business.

For this particular section, it will be a good investment to use LEDs or CFLs to save energy. A compatible dimming technology, while expensive, can be good for the business in the long run. Implement disciplinary laws, like turning off the lights when not needed, can also be used to reduce energy costs.

Save Money for Businesses

2.  Air Conditioning

Ventilation inside the business is also an important factor when it comes to saving energy. Any air conditioning units, such as heaters and coolers, use up a lot of energy over time. This is especially true for older models that put functionality over efficiency. If any renovations to the business must be considered, air conditioning must be the first aspect to consider. It is one of the equipments provided in the ETL.

If you do not wish to change your air conditioning or ventilation units, then it is best to keep them clean. Any dust or particles can clog up the units which force them to use more power to blow more air out. Fixing any leaks in air ducts, replacing defective equipment insulation, and such must also be done in this period.

If you do wish to replace your air conditioning units, it is better to buy a unit that has a higher energy efficient ratio than the previous one. This helps to reduce operating costs for the life of the unit while performing as well, if not better, as the previous one.

3. Office Equipment

This section is often the biggest offender when it comes to bloating a business’ operating bills. The continuous operations of office equipment can accumulate a bill larger than the lighting equipment and air conditioning units combined. The best way to conserve energy for office equipment is to simply turn them off when not in use. Allow the equipment to enter power saver mode if possible, so it can use less power during its idle operations.

For actual renovations or installments in terms of the business building’s electrical system, it is recommended to install plug load controllers in cubicles. This allows automated shut down of inactive equipment if the cubicle is empty. Installing an energy audit can give you a clear outline of which energy is being used, and this allows you to handle them more effectively.

If you do plan to replace the office equipment, then it is better to look for energy-efficient equipment. A recommendation from various sources is to invest in equipment that has been ENERGY STAR-rated.


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

New Kitchen, New Feel: 5 Simple yet Effective Steps on Modernizing the Kitchen


Over the years, the kitchen is one room in the house that has not seen a lot of changes. Sure, we may get a few new innovative products like electrical stoves, but everything almost remains the same. When it comes to
renovations, the kitchen is often the second or third priority. But of course, the priority depends on which rooms need changing, but the kitchen often sees fixes instead of actual changes. The only time the kitchen’s appearance is changed is when a homeowner wishes to change not only the appearance but the feel of the kitchen.

One can say that this is the beauty of kitchens. They often do not need changing, and simply need a bit of cleaning and touch-up. In the past decade, however, we have seen a few interesting trends come and go. Alongside functionality, aesthetics is now one of the factors considered when it comes to designing or renovating a kitchen. It is an exciting trend as more effort is being put into making the kitchen simple, functional, and appealing.

However, it begs the question: how and where do we start? Renovating or, perhaps for a better term modernizing, the kitchen can seem rather simple. Just look at a picture, start the renovations, then call it a day. However, as like other renovation projects, there are a lot of fine details to work around with. To answer the question, here are a few simple yet efficient tips that can help you modernize your kitchen.

Determine what needs changing

Before you start planning the kitchen of your dreams, it is important to know what needs changing. Do you have to change the kitchen sink and water pipes? Do you have to reroute the gas pipes for your stove? Do you need additional cabinets? Do you need countertop replacement and a kitchen island? These are the kind of questions you have to consider first.

It is also entirely possible to simply organize your kitchen and keep it simple to achieve that modern look. Kitchen cabinets are great options, but you might look for a more modern alternative. In this case, open shelf cabinets are a growing trend in kitchen renovations, and it might be something worth to look into. Either way, you will have to determine the measurements of your kitchen to install these.

If you are thinking of replacing your kitchen countertops, it is best recommended to ask for a free sample and quotation from expert companies that offer granite and quartz Installations. It will be wise to look for cheaper but durable options for your kitchen island and countertops replacements.

Clean, clean, clean!

Easy to clean, easy to maintain and hygienic kitchen materials are available these days as they are lately growing in popularity.

Sometimes, a modern look doesn’t need you to spend much to achieve it. It may simply need you to clean the kitchen, and reorganize a few things. Cleaning the hard-to-reach places in the kitchen can be difficult, but it can help you for a long way. Replacing grouts in between tile floors can give your kitchen a rejuvenized look. You can reorganize your kitchen by keeping away appliances and other kitchen tools that you haven’t used for a long time. You can add a few decorations that can help bring life to the kitchen.


Modernize with Passion

If you do decide to make some expensive design and changes to your kitchen, then you might as well do it with a passion! A modern kitchen encompasses everything contemporary; from color scheme to the organization of the kitchen furniture. Keep up to recent trends, and consider the size of your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, then it might be better to go for a complete aesthetic change instead of adding more functionalities.

If you have a large kitchen, then you definitely have more room for growth. Consider the dimensions of the room, and what you currently have. If your kitchen is one that is most frequented in the house, then adding a place to seat in will be a great idea. The seats can be in front of a breakfast bar, countertop stools, or whichever location you think it is best to be placed in. Keep your countertops simple and less cluttered by putting away kitchen utensils, plates, and other things inside kitchen cabinets. Adding plants, paintings, and other simple decorations can greatly boost the aesthetics as well.

While you are at it, you might as well upgrade your kitchen appliances. Modernizing the kitchen isn’t entirely focused on aesthetics; it should also promote functionality! The more compact and energy efficient the appliances are, the better. Energy efficient appliances can greatly help the environment, and their compactness allows you to have more room to move around in the kitchen. Having everything in one place can cut down the time you need to cook and prepare your meals.

Choosing a Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme that can greatly compliment the rest of your house is a must. After all, you do not want your kitchen to look incredibly out of place in comparison to your living room and dining room. White-blue, black- white, mostly black, or mostly white are great colors that promote a modernized feel for your kitchen and can synergize very well with other colors. You can choose to paint over your existing furniture, or simply buy new ones. It all depends on your budget.

The color scheme should also be considered once you add more decorations. Vases for plants, frames for paintings, and the like should all fit the theme of the room. Having a bit of greenery can bring your kitchen to life as it contrasts greatly with the solid colors that kitchens are known for.

Keep the kitchen as safe as possible

With all the talk of aesthetics, functionality, and whatnot, it is very easy to miss the security aspect of the kitchen. Any modernized kitchen is a safe kitchen. It is important to consider the heights of the countertops, location of pointed objects (like knives), the number of fragile objects in the area, and also flammable objects when it comes to modernizing the kitchen. The best way to determine a way to keep the kitchen safe is by making your kitchen child-friendly.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Bamboo Clothing: 5 Reasons to choose Bamboo Apparel

Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material; more and more people nowadays
make greener choices concerning the products they buy and bring into their homes. One of the most notable longer-lasting items made from this eco-friendly resource is Bamboo Clothing.

Bamboo is a highly sustainable perennial plant in the subfamily Bambusoideae of the grass family. It is the fastest growing plant on earth which has a positive impact on worldwide environmental concerns such as soil erosion, deforestation, and, water scarcity. It is one of the most used building materials in construction such as flooring, scaffolding, or roofing because of its durability and known to be stronger than other woods.  Other products produced from it are furniture, food, disposable utensils, reusable bottles and straws, paper, clothing fabrics, and more.

Bamboo clothing is growing in popularity these days being a more sustainable fabric material. Here are 5 reasons to choose bamboo apparel:

Lightweight and soft as silk

Bamboo fabric is similar to silk in terms of softness. It offers comfort and soft against the skin when worn. A lightweight Bamigo undershirt can keep you feeling fresh especially during warmer weather conditions without raising your body temperature because the lighter the undershirt you wear, the faster it dries.

Bamboo Clothing

Extremely breathable

Fabric made from bamboo offer longer freshness because it repels and moves away moisture quickly. It also has a microscopic hole fiber structure that gives ventilation and insulating properties that influence heat exchange that will ensure that sweat does not remain between your clothing and your skin. Thus, you will feel fresh during the warm weather and gives you added protection on a chilly day.

Great for sensitive skin

This is good news for people who suffer allergic reactions to some clothing they wear. Bamboo wear is hypoallergenic.

Wash and wear

One of its best properties is that it is crease-resistant. Bamboo apparel holds its shape well so no need to spend extra time ironing clothes. Moreover, it can be washed with mild soap in cool water and machine washed on the gentle cycle.

Moisture absorption and UV protection

Compared to cotton, bamboo is 40% more absorbent. It wicks away moisture faster before allowing it to evaporate, therefore, keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable. Additionally, it provides also natural protection against harmful UV rays.