Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Newborn Essentials for First Time Parents

Preparing stuff for a baby on the way is truly a gruesome task. You have lots of things to consider but thanks to some thoughtful friends who prepare Baby Showers, you’ll have a shorter list to complete before the big day comes.

Just recently, I have to recall all the baby essentials I needed with my sons when they were born so that I can give my friend a practical gift that she can use for her baby. As first time parents, they have a long list of baby stuff and essentials to prepare and buy. For me, here are some essential things that should make a priority on your list.

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First is the bassinet or a crib. Most new mothers can’t get enough of holding their baby and sometimes choose to co-sleep with their baby on their side. But sooner or later a crib will come in quite conveniently.  Boppy pillows are also functional and practical to have especially with a newborn. Expectant moms will find comfort with this when used as a sleep positioner for their bulging stomach. You can also use this as a support when you are breastfeeding.

First time parents will also need lots of one piece suits and baby clothing because you might need to change them often. However, it is advised not to buy more than two dozen as babies grow faster, you’ll be surprised that after the third month you’ll need to buy a new set of clothes again. White is the recommended color for baby clothing but other hues such as pink and yellow for baby girls and blue and greens for baby boys are available in baby stores too. 

One of the most needed newborn essentials is the cloth or disposable diapers.  It would be wise to buy disposable diapers in bulk as it is cheaper by the dozens, thus will give you great savings too.  Moreover, it is also wise to invest on a baby monitor for your baby’s room so you can do other chores around the house yet still can monitor your baby’s activity and can attend to him at once when he gets awake or cries and needs a nappy change or feed him when he’s hungry.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Feeling the Winter Doldrums? Consider Giving to Charity


If you are feeling a bit blue this winter season, then you might want to consider volunteering. While many go into projects firmly believing that they are giving to the community, many soon discover that the community blesses them more than they could ever give away. Here are some of the ways that you may want to volunteer.

Share a Talent

There are many ways that you can share a talent that you have with your community. For example, despite being confined to a hospital bed and on Hospice, 91-year-old Morrie Boogart has knitted over 8,000 caps to give away to the homeless. Others, choose to work in a soup kitchen sharing their cooking and baking skills. If you are a musician, then you might think about sharing your musical talents through an organization like Sing For Hope that teaches music in New York City's inner-city schools.

Donate Goods

Almost everyone has things of value that they can donate. For example, when Bertis Downs who was the lawyer for rock band R.E.M. discovered that his taste in wine had changed, he worked with a middleman to sell over $150,000 of red wine. The money was put in a trust where he and his wife Karen could dole it out to their favorite charities. Even if you do not have a collection that is worth that much money, most people can gather things around their homes and give it to their favorite charity or to someone in need.

Give Money

One of the easiest ways to help your favorite charity is to give them a cash donation. For example, in 2017, Jon Huntsman Sr., Suleiman bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi, and Charles Francis Feeney have given away so much that they are no longer billionaires. Even if you do are not a billionaire, most people can give away a little to help those around them.

Whether you choose to sing a song of hope, give away your material goods or donate cash, consider brightening someone else's day. You may discover that your own day is much brighter when you give a piece of yourself away.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Changing Up Your Beauty Routine – and Growing Old Gracefully

So you've arrived at that age where you feel like you don't have to try so hard anymore – not in terms of your external appearance anyway. But au contraire! There's plenty you can do to look and feel young, while still growing old gracefully. All it takes are some small changes, like exercising, socialising, or changing up your beauty routine. There’s no reason why you can't maintain that youthful feel!

beauty routine
At 52, natural look is timeless

Use Argan Oil

It's never too late to enjoy the benefits of argan oil. Some rely on it for all their beauty needs: on the face instead of anti-wrinkle cream, on dry hair, as a body moisturiser, as lip gloss, as cuticle oil... the list goes on!  You can shop this miracle oil online to get a great deal and best value for your hard saved money.

Update Your Hairstyle

You may have greys now but,these days, grey is the new brunette. Or blond, or red, or black…Plus, a really graceful way to stay current is to have your hair in a short bob or pixie cut. Is your hair thinning? You can try hair replacement or restoration treatments from experts likeTransitions Hair. A brand new ‘do will have you feeling 20 years younger every time you pass a reflective surface!

Use a Bronzer

At this point in your life, you're unlikely to want to use the bright eye shadows, blushes and lipsticks you did in your twenties and thirties. The natural look is timeless. Bronzer can be used to define cheekbones, forehead, jawline and now can even be used as an eye shadow and lip colour! Finish off with some eyeliner and mascara, and you'll be one classy lady!


The one thing that is proven to help you ward off disease is exercise. “But I haven't exercised in so long!” you say. It's never too late.You can still reap the benefits of taking up exercise. You’ll not only maintain a healthy weight and lower your blood pressure, you'll strengthen your muscles, which lessens your chances of falling. Your risk of developing diabetes and dementia will also be reduced.


Exercise doesn't just mean going to the gym and doing workouts that are far too rigorous. Remember that milder activities like walking, gardening, and regular stretching will work wonders too. Your muscles will only stiffen up and shorten if you don't stretch and stay active. Consider yoga, which will improve your flexibility.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Keep an eye on disease indicators, like high blood pressure and diabetes. It can drastically reduce the physical difficulties you experience later on in life if you treat these issues promptly. And a tip for arthritis sufferers:keeping physically active can help reduce pain and other symptoms, even though it may feel like it's not right to exercise!

Be Optimistic!

Having a sunny disposition had been linked to healthier lives. In studies, optimistic women had a lower risk of heart disease and other chronic ailments.A great way to stay positive is to socialise whenever possible, whether that means having lunch with friends or going to church. Staying optimistic while socialising is great for your health.

You need not feel like there's nothing you can do once you reach a certain age. It's possible to grow old gracefully; the trick is to make some changes to your lifestyle – even simple things can help. Just having the right attitude can make you feel younger on the inside and it will show on the outside too!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Harmony And Health: 4 Wonderful Ways To Arrange Your Living Space

Your living space is an important aspect of life; providing a place for you to rest, recuperate, and be inspired. It is also a contributor to your health, subtly influencing the energy around and within you. Whether you are looking to redecorate your well-established nest or are wanting to personalize your temporary living arrangements as you travel the world - this article will help you arrange a more harmonic and healthy living space.

 Arrange Your Living Space

Please bear in mind that a beautifully zen room can do wonders, but it can’t replace the health benefits of proper nutrition. If you feel you may not be getting everything you need from your diet, be sure to check out resources like consumer health review that provide reviews on various supplements as well as health products and related topics.

Now that you have your supplements set, are in a positive mindset, and are ready to transform your personal place; here are our 4 wonderful ways to arrange your living space for optimal harmony and health.
1. Keep Things Tidy
Science suggests that a clean space can reduce stress and depression while boosting relaxation and productivity; so the best place to start harmonizing your home is by tidying up your space. Clutter produces chaos and stifles the energy flow in a room, so if you want to get a jump start on the good vibes, collect all the clutter and put it in a pile. This gives you the opportunity to sort it as you go, organizing items by fitting them into a clean space instead of simply shuffling the chaos around.

It is also a good idea to get rid of the items that you associate with negative emotion and painful experiences, such as a picture on the wall, which can drain you of your energy and create disharmony. In turn, items that you have a positive association with that make you smile can give you an energy boost and nurture positive emotion - so be sure to position those items in places where they can be seen and appreciated.
2. Allocate Specific Areas
Each room should have a purpose and you get to decide what type of environment you create based on what you need from your personal place. Whether it’s a safe sanctuary to rest and recuperate or a place to inspire your creativity, developing a slogan for a room’s purpose and placing it in that space will act as a reminder for you to stay focused on your goals.

The layout of each dedicated space should be designed in such a way that allows you to move effortlessly through it, subconsciously preparing yourself as you change from one activity to another. For example, moving from a place of meditation that is free from technology to music playing in the next room, therefore gradually introducing technology back into your day. This will support a more harmonious and stress-free environment.
3. Add A Little Nature
Indoor plants incorporate nature into your living space; re-oxygenating the air, removing toxins and impurities, as well as creating a sense of peaceful serenity. Whether you have 1 little plant that travels with you or a collection of green friends, indoor plants will help you harness harmony and health. Incorporating crystals into your decor is also a surefire way to amplify the energy flow in any room, allowing you to emphasize certain vibrations (like creativity or love) based on the purpose of the room.
4. Include A Splash Of Color
Color is more than pleasing to the eye; it also influences your emotional, physical, and psychological state. Color’s impact is widely accepted and features as an important aspect of Feng Shui; which can be used to paint the walls of each room or (if you do not have that luxury) incorporate movable elements like throws, rugs, and wall hangings. Feng Shui is the ancient principle of energy flow in relation to the spatial arrangement and is predominant in Chinese culture.

So there you have it, our 4 wonderful ways to arrange your living space for optimal harmony and health. Tidy up the room to create a sense of relaxation and productivity, then allocate a purpose to each place by establishing a slogan. Add a little nature like plants and crystals to supercharge the space and finally, a splash of color to bring out the best in both you and your personal place. All the best for your organizing ahead and may you live a life of harmony and health.

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