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Sabayang Bigkas at Linggo ng Wika Celebration

Every school in the entire Philippine Archipelago annually observes the Linggo ng Wika in the month of August. Different programs are performed and celebrated by the pupils, students and teachers to commemorate the importance of having our national language and to pay respect for Manuel L. Quezon, Father of the Filipino National Language.   The Filipino Club of my youngest son's school conducted a “Sabayang Bigkas Competition”, and Yahmir was one of the participants among the Grade VI pupils in their entry for the intermediate level.  All the performers wore the Traditional Filipino Costume for their presentation. The program was simple yet very much organized.  Some parents were there to see their children perform.  The stage decoration and Yahmir wearing Camisachino, red scarf, with farmer's hat. the grade VI performance Yahmir with Mrs. Isiderio, Filipino Club Adviser and his class adviser as well. posing for photo captures the grade IV an