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Cleaning 101: How to get rid of Mildews

Are you also annoyed and troublesome seeing mildews on your clothes, leather bags and belts, shoes, and clothes?  This fungus can stain paper, cloth, leather and could even bring more harm to our health. Mildews accumulate due to dust and moisture from high humidity.  They grew more in darkness and damp places with stagnant air inside the house. In the first five years of my housekeeping and homemaking, I always encounter this problem yet I do not know really how to get rid of them. They keep on coming back after a few weeks. Just as always my mom is ever ready to help and rescue As experienced, molds grow rapidly during wet weather, as much as possible we must try to control the dampness inside our homes.  Here are tips on how I get rid of them Dust regularly. Air circulation and movement is very important to removing moisture. I had exhaust fans installed which I think helped a lot.   I have learned that cool air holds less moisture than warm air, so I agreed in installing air

Sabayang Bigkas at Linggo ng Wika Celebration

Every school in the entire Philippine Archipelago annually observes the Linggo ng Wika in the month of August. Different programs are performed and celebrated by the pupils, students and teachers to commemorate the importance of having our national language and to pay respect for Manuel L. Quezon, Father of the Filipino National Language.   The Filipino Club of my youngest son's school conducted a “Sabayang Bigkas Competition”, and Yahmir was one of the participants among the Grade VI pupils in their entry for the intermediate level.  All the performers wore the Traditional Filipino Costume for their presentation. The program was simple yet very much organized.  Some parents were there to see their children perform.  The stage decoration and Yahmir wearing Camisachino, red scarf, with farmer's hat. the grade VI performance Yahmir with Mrs. Isiderio, Filipino Club Adviser and his class adviser as well. posing for photo captures the grade IV an

Cleaning 101: The Bedroom

The most private part of the house is the bedroom.  It is also the quietest room where one can enjoy serenity and calm atmosphere. Just like any part of my house, I like it also clean and tidy.  I call it my chamber  . I usually do a general cleaning on a weekly basis, cleaning the electric fans, cleaning the air-conditioning unit’s filter and changing of bed sheets or bed covers, pillow cases and comforters.  It is best recommended to change bed sheets, comforters and pillow cases every 7 days, however during rainy season; I sometimes do it every two weeks.   There is a very real psychology to gaining organizational skills that one gets as they earn their life experience degree. Here is the procedure on how I do general cleaning on our bedrooms:  Before I take out the bed covers, I remove first the cobwebs on the ceilings using a long broomstick.  Usually it will take a month or more before I could see webs again.   Take out the bed sheets and pillow cases. After ta

Nose Bleed

I panicked the first time I experience nose bleeding with my kids.  Thankfully, the doctor assured me that nose bleeds are rarely cause for alarm and common in kids between the ages of 3 to 10 if they do not have any underlying diseases or other health problems that might cause the nose to bleed. Nosebleeds often stop on their own and can be readily attended to safely at home. Yesterday, while my twelve year old son, Yahmir was reviewing for his quarterly exams, he alarmingly told me that his nose is bleeding. I was busy preparing for his snack at that time, I immediately pinched the soft part of his nose firmly and instructed him to lean forward slightly with his head tilted forward. I repeated the procedure until the bleeding stopped. His allergic rhinitis has been the culprit of his bleeding nose, he kept on sneezing and blows hard because he is annoyed of the mucus coming in and out of his nose. After I cleaned his nose, I told him to rest for a while and told him not to blow t

Why Do Babies Cry?

Our babies cry naturally. It is their way of communicating with us since they cannot talk yet.   There are a lot of reasons behind it and we need to interpret and supposed to know why a baby cries.   If your baby is wailing and you cannot figure out why? Here are some lists that you may find helpful to comfort and soothe your child. They may be irritable due to wet diaper or clothes. Especially on cold weather, they may be feeling cold or annoyed with their wet diaper or soiled clothes. Maybe hungry or thirsty. Babies usually need to be fed every four to five hours, depending on their age. They also need to drink   water aside from the infant formula. Bitten by a mosquito, ants or other insects. Check all over their body to see if they have been bitten by mosquitos, ants or other insects that feels itchiness and redness on their skin. Feverish.   Make a habit of getting a baby’s temperature first before giving him/her a bath.   I

ECOTRADE Premier Eco-Friendly B2B Marketplace

Due to growing awareness of the Global warming, which effects (climatic changes brought about by the increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere) are with us now, people all over the world developed an increasing desire to make, trade and buy healthy product choices which at the same time protecting the environment.  Learning to use alternative energy sources, environment friendly cleaning products, eco-bags to replace biodegradable plastic bags, organic farm produce, conserving water and green living ideas will help us survive from life’s adversity.  To help protect nature from destruction, eco-friendly products and campaigns are made to inform and educate people worldwide for us to help hand in hand in preserving our beloved planet. ECOTRADE is a Korean based B2B Marketplace specializing in environmental friendly related products and technology. One of their objectives is to improve awareness about environmental concerns and assist people with purchasin

Pointers to Remember in Long Distance Moving

We rent a house as we still do not have our own.  Moving from one house to another is not only stressful but it makes me sick too.  I learned from my own experience the proper and organized way on how to move from one house to another.  Here are some pointers and tips on a smooth move. Plan ahead when you need to move from one place to another especially if it is a long distance moving. Consider the proximity of the place from your children's school, place of work, market, hospital and many more. Pack your things 2 weeks before you move, make sure also that it is properly labeled outside the box.  Sort it according to frequent usage. Things not used on a daily basis can be packed much earlier than scheduled. Make a thorough check up on the house that you were about to move in, the comfort room, drainage, faucets, and electrical outlets/lightings.  It is better to do the necessary repairs needed before you move in. Schedule a day for clean-up in the new house, bathrooms/

Sibling Personalities No Two People are Alike

Parenting is not an easy task, we just cannot rely on what we know and experienced.  There are times that we also need to ask other opinions and do some researches too.  Do not set aside the fact that we also can learn something from our children.  In case you have two or more children, you will observe and discover that they possess different personalities as they grow older.  In my case of having two sons, my disciplinary actions for my elder child do not apply with my youngest child.  Both of them are stubborn but as my youngest son is having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), he needs a different and special approach in terms of disciplining.  Our kids born under the combination of two genes (parents) may have common traits and physical appearance but we can also notice their differences in some ways.  They may look very much like you, but they are not exactly like you. We cannot ignore the fact that we sometimes compare our children’s personalities especially wh

Google +1 on WBFC #20

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is an online blogger-helping blogger weekly meme.  Bloggers helping each other in terms of blog followers either through Google Friend Connect and email subscribers.  Week 20 is all about sharing love through clicking Google +1.  I am participating not only to gain a relevant Google +1 vote but also to help the participating blogs. Mine is located at the uppermost portion of my side bar.  Happy clicking! Here is how it goes:  Google Plus One our sponsors: OnlineBiz and Resources and Pinay Mommy Online.   Make sure you give your plus one at the blogs homepage.  Make a post with our WBFC Badge to welcome all our participants.  Leave a comment at our participants welcome post that you have Google Plus One their blogs’ homepage. Remember Google Plus One the blog’s homepage and not the welcome post!! Google Plus One all participants!!

Good Study Habits

Yahmir my youngest son has been complaining about his teachers, giving too much home works and projects especially now that he is already on the 6 th grade. Subject lessons are getting much difficult day by day. It is a good thing that he already had established a good study habit.   No matter how many school tasks he has after a school day, he can accomplish them in a matter of time.   Using time and energy wisely will help one excel in his studies and may even let one enjoy other worthwhile activities too. Make and follow a schedule that provides for a systematic way of getting studies done. Unless one has organized his time into a better schedule and develops a good set of work habits, one will continue being frustrated and unsuccessful in studies Budget time by making and following a schedule of what to do within a period of time.   I will be sharing you some tips to make a better and realistic plan of study. Study the same subject at the same time each day. Yah