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How to Have a Stress-Free Family Day Out

Ideally, the family would get out of the house at least once a fortnight and have a day out together. Money isn’t always abundant however, and the stress that often comes along with bundling the children into the car, puts a dampener on the day. With enough forward planning, you can create fun memories together, without going grey-haired overnight. Take A Picnic More often than not, restaurants are an awkward and expensive way to get lunch. If the weather is nice enough, take a special picnic for the day. Not only do you not have to worry about where you’re going to find a suitable café, but you don’t have to queue for nosh either. Besides, a few extra snacks never went amiss. Child-Proof The Car Journey Squabbling in the backseat can set even the most Zen parent on edge. Make sure they have enough activities to keep them occupied. If it doesn’t make your little ones feel poorly, give them books to read or drawing to do. Story tapes are always a great way to keep everyone quiet