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8 ways to deal with Teenagers

As our children reach the stage of the teenage life, we have to be aware that it is not only their physical appearance that changes, but hormonal changes takes place too. This is the stage where they become most emotionally sensitive and becomes more bullheaded.  As I have no daughter, this is how I manage to accomplish parenting a teenager, my eldest son who is now in his manhood being 22 years old. First is Attention:  Teenagers are most likely attention seekers; let them feel that you are always there to help them in case they need your help and suggestion.  This is the time when they are vainer in choosing their clothes and attire. The period of pimple break out. Tend to their needs in minimizing those ugly acne, advice them how to take care of it or accompany him/her to a dermatologist if needed.  Second is Encouragement: Stimulate his potentials and interests, to drive more effort and improvement.  Give him the support he needed.  Comforting words are very impo

Parenting Teenagers

My eldest son JM, is already 21 years old.   Gladly, I was able to surpass the teenage parenting with him with not so much problems encountered.   I might not be able to use and follow the same teenage parenting technique with my youngest son Yahmir, who is 11 years old because he is much more stubborn than his elder brother  It is a fact that in this era almost everything has changed.   We need to face these realities and find ways on how we can adapt to it. Dating is now called “hooking up”, whether it’s by facebook, plurk, skype, yahoo messenger and the most common “texting”, that’s how mostly the teenagers will meet and chat-up members of the opposite sex.   They are spending a lot of time in these media. Well, fortunately we can also use these technologies to keep tab on our teens.   We ought to put the computer in a place that can be easily accessed by the family like the living room.   In this way, we can casually monitor their communications and put a limit in