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Cleaning 101: Rugs and Carpet Care

Rugs and carpets give liveliness and loveliness to any space. But these floor coverings are dirt magnets, so they need regular care and maintenance. Rugs and carpets differ in some ways, yet share the same purpose which is to provide accent and decoration on your floors.  Rugs are smaller in size and usually used as centerpiece flooring or foot rugs in the bedroom or used as corner rugs. It is also made in artistic and stylish pattern, color and shape in a variety of fabrics. While a carpet is used as floor covering and attached to the sub-floor. Dusts and stains build up depends on the foot traffic, thus a standard cleaning is essential to keep it in good condition and to take away accumulated dirt to prevent odor and bacteria build up.  There are two options you can consider to maintain its cleanliness and beauty.