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8 Things I Couldn’t Live Without

Aside from the basic things like food, water and shelter that are needed for a daily life, what are the things you couldn’t live without? Let me share you a list of the things that makes my day complete and I couldn't live without. Morning and night prayer, giving thanks and praise to the Lord God Almighty who never forsake me and continuously sustains me through thick and thin My two sons and my loving husband, the source of inspiration and strength. My laptop and the internet My friends, you know who you are.   Thank you for your trust and love, for keeping me company knowing you are always there for me. My blogging activity, my digital camera, pen and notebook as part of my inside bag accessories Telephone/cellphone to communicate and stay connected with my dear mom, dad and my siblings My beauty regimen, facial moisturizer, sunblock and lipstick My sanity, though I think I am losing it on occasions ahaha