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My 47 years of life lessons and wisdoms learned

Life is a continuous learning process and no one is considered a master of life. Life can bring joy, happiness, glory, pain, frustation and desperation but it also gives us hope, aspiration and makes us stronger. We discover our strengths and weaknesses, realize our mistakes, change the way how we handle circumstances and continue learning as life goes on.  Thank you Sweetheart for the birthday cake :) I just turned 47 years old yesterday, January 4, 2013. Yes you read it right; I am now just three years away to being a golden girl lol.   I am proud to have reached the prime of my life with no regrets but full of contentment and happiness embracing what life has endowed me with. Let me share you the powerful life wisdoms and lessons I’ve learned all throughout these years. Hoping you’ll find it beneficial as you travel your life’s journey.