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Table Manners

We can teach our kids the proper table manners in their toddler stage, or by the time they are already eating meals with the family.   Habits are formed early in life.   They control many of our actions.   Such habits will be carried out wherever you are. Proper Table Manners are as follows: Go promptly to the table clean and neat. Sit properly and wait until served. Ask politely for things on the table to be passed. “Please pass the rice or May I have some” Use the table napkin properly. Say grace before and after eating. Talk of pleasant topics while at the table. Father being the head of the family is at the head of the table. Keep elbows off the table. Eat slowly and chew food thoroughly without smacking the lips. Rinse the mouth or brush your teeth after having left the table. We should pick our teeth after having left the table. Leave the table after everybody is through.   If you have to leave the table before everyone is through, ask to be excused. We should not l

The Changing World

I n four decades of my existence in this world, I am now one of the living witnesses who can attest on how the world is changing.  I cannot help comparing the world I grew up into before and how it changed throughout the years.  Monitoring and analyzing, I jot down and put into writing the following changes. Human behavior is far off different before and today.  People of yesterday, especially children were more of the simple type.  Enjoying the simple things life can give, more disciplined and acts in a more refined manner.  During my time, in just one daring look of my Mom, I will behave and stop doing whatever I make her mad.  When I became a mother, I also applied some of the old ways in raising up a kid, but I revised some of them too.  Like for instance, I made sure that we have an open communication with our kids.  We listen to what they say.  They can openly reason out and justify whatever wrong doings they have done, then from there we will explain and let them know the

My First Born Turned 21

February 15, 2011, my eldest son JM turned 21 years old.  Reminiscing the yesteryears, I am teary eyed while looking at his pictures when he was still very young.  I can still remember how I felt when I gave birth to him, the happiness, the excitement and the fear of being a first time mom.  JM JM is an introvert, he is the shy type.  Through years of encouragement and full support he learned to come out of his shell.   He is so sweet and intelligent like his younger brother.  Being responsible is one of his inherent traits that I am so proud of.  He personally helps in the family business without being told.  He immediately applied for a job after he had graduated the B.S. IT (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology) course last May 2010, and luckily he was immediately hired too.  He always prioritizes our family.  He told me that he has his time table, the reason why he is not yet into a relationship.  I smiled and felt relieved when I heard him say that, for I am not yet

Valentine’s Day With My Boys

Being the only girl in the family, I am always pampered by my boys (my husband and two sons).  I am the queen of their hearts and the only girl date they had during Valentine’s Day, lol.  I am very appreciative of whatever they give, for little things mean a lot to me.  Frankly, I do not expect much of what I will receive, what matters to me is their love and presence during celebration of occasions.  My first born, JM surprised me with three red roses very early in the morning yesterday.  He usually comes home at around 8 a.m. because of his night shift schedule in his job. While giving me the flowers he hugged me tight and greeted me saying “I love you Mommy”.  Oh my! I am really very touched, I am so happy! three red roses from JM  Because it’s a weekday, my husband went to work for his Monday meetings at the office.  At 12 noon, he went home carrying a card and a cake.  Another surprise for the day!  The valentine card he gave me is one of my treasured gifts.  The message

A Child’s Battle

To bear a child is the most precious heavenly gift a woman can receive.  Incomparable and unparalled  sense of happiness overwhelms the heart of a mother.  To love, to care, to see them grow and to cherish every moment with our kids are immeasurable deeds of a parent. This writing is warmly dedicated to a boy who’s turning 3 years old this February 14.  Meet Austin Nathaniel Serrano, born February 14, 2008, the only son of Carlos Serrano and my friend Christine Pham, who’s diagnosed with Advanced Stage of Bilateral Retinoblastoma Stage D - R eye with vitreous seeding and stage E - L eye with a detached retina on  August 25, 2009. Austin Yes, Austin is fighting and struggling for his life from this cancer disease.  He cannot see a thing anymore at the moment.  Being a mother, my heart seem to torn apart the moment I learned about Austin’s condition.  I cannot help myself crying while reading my friend’s journal in Austin’s website.  This bumpy journey that their family goes


Have you tried Aromatherapy? I am very interested of trying it in our home but I am skeptic too for it might do harm instead of benefitting from it.   I’ve been inquiring my friends’ responses and experiences who are into it and with the help of reading and researching about its pros and cons, I found out the following facts: Essential oils, the pure essence of a plant, have been found to provide both psychological and physical benefits when used correctly and safely.  There are quite a few products on the market that contain unnatural ingredients including fragrance oils and claim to be aromatherapeutic. It's important to look at the ingredient label when seeking true aromatherapy products.

Smart Shopping

Do you know that we can save on groceries and still eat well?  A complete supermarket is a haven for culinary ideas, however I cannot spend luxuriously for I must follow a budget.  Over many years of strolling through mall supermarkets, I’ve learned a few tricks that help me find the right ingredients, cook our family favorites and still control expenses. Tapa and tocino are always requested to be included in our menu at home, due to steep prices of meat, what I do is I ask the butcher to cut meat thinly so a kilo goes a long way, dividing it into 3 or 4 servings and pack it separately for easy and orderly stacking in the freezer. I opt to buy fruits and vegetables in season, then planning my menu around it.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are cheaper when they’re in season.   If fresh produce is not in season, prices skyrocket, so If it’s not in season, I buy canned or dried.   Fresh mushrooms, for example are delicious used in soups and pasta dishes, but dried shiitake mushrooms ar

My House Assistant Wore Me Out


Being a family of collectors, here is a continuation to my previous article about My Son’s Collection.   In this writing I will reveal my collections and my husband’s passion for collecting stuffs. complete set of Harry Potter Series Lord of the Rings, Dan Brown's, Robin Cook's, John Grisham's, etc. over 200 Star Wars books  some of Yahmir's book collection I am a book-lover.  I am fond of reading fiction, non-fiction, thriller, suspense, fantasy and other topics that catch my interest.  These books that I am buying and reading does not just stay in the bookshelves after I am done reading, for my husband and my sons are reading it too.  Seldom that I buy new or firsthand books, usually I buy them on book-sale or second hand book outlets,  except for the Harry Potter Series, Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings and Dan Brown’s collection.   I also have this craze in collecting gadgets, from pagers to pda and cell phones.  At the moment, I am saving t