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My Mom at 69

A woman with a very strong faith in God, strong willed, a mother who has unwavering love for her children, full of patience, optimistic, industrious, and a homebody are the qualities that best describes my Mom. My Mom Five years ago, she was diagnosed with a herniated disc in the lumbar 4 and 5 of her spinal column.  The reason why she’s suffering severe lower back pain and can hardly walk at times.  This is the biggest blow that came into our life.  The surgical operation plus the titanium screws needed to reconstruct her lower spine was so expensive, and we need to accumulate the cash needed in the soonest possible time.  Thankfully, due to the concerted effort of our family, my siblings and my mom’s sisters, nieces and nephews, we were able to pull in together the hard cash needed for the procedure she needed to undergo.  Money has not been the only problem at that time, because she’s already old and having a low body resistance is what frightened me so much.  Despite of everyth

My Sons' Collection

Yahmir is an avid fan of Batman since he was a year old.  He's been watching Batman movies in DVDs every now and then.  I remember when he was 3 years old, I heard him reciting the lines in the movie while watching it, for he already had memorized the lines and sequence of the story (lol).  He had collected numerous Batman action figures and Batman car toys. Yahmir with Batman when he was in grade 4 Batman Cars JM and Yahmir are also collecting Lego and Mega Blocks.  They are so focused when playing with these building blocks.  It enhances their skill of creativeness, discovery and exploration. Lego Lego and Mega Blocks JM is a collector of  Zoids toys, a collectible machine.  These Zoids model kits are deemed to be amazing machines taking animal forms with amazing powers. JM  cleaning his Zoids Both of them are very much interested in computers, the reason why we put up an ICafe business before, to enhance their computer related skills and JM’s hands-on for hi

Living with Teens

It is not easy to cope up with children once they reached the puberty stage, followed by the teenage stage.   A teenager is going through rapid physical and emotional changes and parents and teenagers must both make changes in their relationships to adjust to this new stage. Teenagers go backwards and forwards between wanting freedom and yet still needing the security of the family. We as parents want our children to grow to happy independence, yet fear for their safety as we watch them try their wings. We have to cope with the fact that the dreams we have had for our children may not come true - for teenagers have their own dreams. Teenagers have to cope with their parents who often don’t let them do the things they so much want to do. A good relationship with our teenager will help us both to weather the ups and downs. What We (Me and my husband) did? First , we spend time with our sons. This is often hard to arrange as young people usually want to spend a lot of time with their

Basic Home Computer Maintenance

I am not a computer geek, but being a former ICafe owner I have learned many things in the computer maintenance.  From crimping rj 45 to a cable, hardware diagnosis and replacement, formatting and operating system configurations, virus removal and troubleshooting.  I have learned these things through joining ULOP (Unified Lanshop Owner's Portal), reading, and through a very good friend Bien my Guru, who patiently teaches me how to do computer related problems and to my son JM who is now an IT and other fellow Ulopians who are very unselfish and willing to help. Through trial and error, in the beginning I suffered an electric shock by just simply opening the case of the CPU (Central processing Unit), my finger got wounded in the crimping tool, broke some parts inside the CPU but I just charged it to experience lol.  I believe that practice makes perfect, and the knowledge I acquired saved me a lot of money from paying a computer technician every n

Feeding the Fussy

My sons are picky eaters when they are still in their younger ages, it really took time and effort for me to convince them to eat what is served at the table, be it vegetables or the yucky fish as they call it then. Picky eating is natural especially in the second year where toddlers are more interested in experimenting with food by mashing it between their fingers than actually eating it. This is also the time wherein we train them to get used to certain meal routines. Our toddler kids have their favorite food at this stage and that is what they want to eat most of the time.  Any attempt to feed them anything else would end in tantrum. JM my eldest, when he was still a toddler always wants hotdog and hotdog only.  Yahmir, my youngest on the other hand likes chicken and chicken only. Toddlers are also turned off by sight, smell, touch, texture and sensation.  My eldest son when he was a toddler spit out food with pepper while my youngest son likes it.  Well take heart – toddlers don

My Dad at 69

Last  January 16, 2011, my Dad had turned 69 years old.  Me and my sisters planned a week ago about giving him a surprise birthday bash.  A simple yet memorable birthday celebration for our father. We all came to our parents’ house before lunch bringing potluck foods to feast on, cake, ice cream, “pansit”, different viands, with wine and brandy to complete the gala. My Dad, a loving and responsible husband and father is a man with dignity.  He is a jack of all trade.  He taught us simple house repairs when we were still young, like replacing a busted lamp, changing a leaking faucet and many more. He is the one who taught us how to iron clothes the proper way. He managed to endure the hardships in working abroad to let us finish our studies. He is a hands-on Dad not only to us his daughters but also to his grandchildren.  Every time, any of us gives birth, he and my mom are always present.  He is the first one we will call on, if there’s something that needs to be fixed in our homes

Tutoring Kids

One of the joys in teaching children is seeing your kids grow and learn right before your eyes.  Aside from the academic benefits, this is also a good way to bond with them. I love helping my kids with their homeworks for it refreshes my memory too.  I instill in their minds the importance of good study habits early on, so that  they will very likely learn to study independently when they are already in the middle school. When I say I am helping my kids in their assignments, it means that I am guiding them and not doing the homework for them.  Guidance means helping them to focus on work rather than leisure first, and giving them clues when they do not understand the topic.  We have to bear in mind the major purpose of attending to our children now is for them to develop good habits that will be invaluable to them in the future. There came a time that I need to hire a professional tutor for my kids, for I have to attend to our family business personally.  Sad to say, that my expecta

The Bloggers Exchange

Notepad Corner is now an official member of The Bloggers Exchange, a group of bloggers in a new exchange link program aiming to help co-bloggers in their blogging career in various ways.  I am so excited to meet the people behind their pseudonyms personally in the future, whew! They are great writers!  I am very glad to be a part of this group! All About Her American Money Solution Anime Heaven Anything Baguio Aris Online Arise And Shine At Home Here Azumi, Kawaii Princess Story Baguio Food Beauty Loot Bag Bee Mommy Best Friends In Love Big Bear Tube Blogcoholic Blogger,I Am Bloggityboop Bonz World Cheeky Munchkins Chic And Fabulous Chubbymommyme Losing Weight, Raising baby and Annoying hubby Chris’ Chronicles Coffe,Pearls and View Come, Dine In! Current News Online Dancing In Midlife Tune Dashing Beauty Dashing Smiles Daily Snippets Dishes By Pehpot E! Fashion Talk Earn Dollars Pinoy! Eat, Drink,Blog Elementary School Lessons Elijah’s Cr