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How to Motivate Yourself for some Serious Cleaning

Cleaning is not an activity that many people prefer. It is highly unlikely to hear someone tell you “Cleaning is my favorite thing!” It is much more likely to hear people complain of cleaning, thinking of it as a tiresome work that they do just because they have to, not because they like it. And while it is true that cleaning should be done because it is the only way to provide a healthy environment and proper living conditions, it can in fact turn into a fun activity. Do not frown on this thought just yet. Cleaning, just like any job, can be made easier and more interesting in various ways. You will hardly want to clean everything by yourself, since hiring a cleaning company is always an option, but if you follow some of the following suggestions you might just feel more inclined to do some cleaning service in your home. Develop a cleaning routine  – cleaning is often times deemed difficult and tiring, simply because there is so much you have to deal with all at once. If y

5 Ways to Keep a Clean Home without Spending a Fortune

Maintaining a clean home each day without spending a fortune can quickly become overwhelming without the proper planning and supplies. Using a few tips and tricks can ensure your home remains bacteria-free and an enjoyable living space for both you and your guests. image credits to: photostock - Clean Up and Sweep Daily Cleaning each room by picking up clutter and sweeping or vacuuming daily is a way to avoid deep-cleaning needs less often. Simply taking the time to wipe counters, toilets and other surrounding appliances rids larger messes that require more time to clean entirely. Invest in cleaning wipes and sweeping products that allow you to quickly sweep and mop with minimal effort, keeping spills at bay while allowing you to ensure your home is clean and safe for children and pets at all times. Rid Clutter and Excess Items Rid the clutter from your home and living areas to create a more serene and enjoyable living environment. Thro

Cleaning 101: Easy Hardwood Flooring Care

Photo credits: So you just had hardwood flooring installed throughout your house. The beautiful natural luster of this stunning flooring option is sure to bring years of enjoyment, and a lifetime of beauty, but there are a few tips to take into consideration to take care of your new hardwood flooring. Many people are often confused as to the best practices to follow when cleaning their hardwood flooring. Below is our easy guide to caring for your brand new hardwood floors , or old hardwood floors alike. Hardwood flooring looks best when clean. Dry mopping is perhaps the best way to keep your floors clean. Never use a cleaner on your hardwood flooring unless it was specifically mentioned by the flooring manufacturer or the professional installers who handled your flooring installation. Never use water on your hardwood floor, as it can ruin the finish and damage the wood. Never use abrasive cleaners on your floor like steel wool. Wax is also nev

Tips on How to Make House Cleaning a Fun Activity

Mothers are probably one of the busiest people here on earth. Their schedule starts early in the morning, getting the kids ready to school and it continues throughout the whole day. This is one of the reasons why skills in time management is very important. If not for proper planning, it might be impossible to finish all the scheduled tasks for the day. Keeping the home clean is another activity that is often regarded as a mom’s responsibility. While most fathers would be in charge in repairs and major housework, mothers on the other hand are tasked to perform house cleaning. Of course sweeping the floors and making the beds are a daily routine but it will be best to do a general house cleaning at least once a week.