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Benefits of participating in extra curricular activities

Schooling is all about intellectual, emotional, moral, physical and social development. It is an all round holistic development of an individual in order to succeed in the future.   Most students abhor studying due to academic pressures that bring stress. Allowing your child to join and participate in their school’s extra curricular activities such as sports club, school programs or other forms of school student activities can bring balance to academic pressure. My youngest son- Yahmir, 2nd Placer, Cosplay Competition at Tanabata Festival in their school Extra curricular activities is generally accepted today as part of a school’s curriculum. According to studies, it is one of the effective ways to motivate students to develop increased interest in studying. Among the benefits of participation are:

Halloween Trick or Treat

A Halloween Party and Trick or Treat is yearly marked in the school calendar, where my youngest son studies.  Everyone is in high spirits, cheerful and jolly. Parents alike were so excited to see their children in Halloween costumes. This year, Yahmir participated in the parade of costumes.  He wore “The Reaper” guise and happily joined the fanfare. Yahmir, the Reaper Yahmir with his friends Jino in J5 costume and Charles the Monster  Every classroom is beautifully decorated with lots of halloween decorations and eerie designs of mietwagen .  Some wore creepy costumes too. Candies and cookies fill every pumpkin pail of roaming pupils and students.  The school ground was full of pupils and students in Halloween attire. I also wore a witch’s hat while I took pictures around, thanks to my husband who took my picture after I finished roaming around too ahaha.

Sabayang Bigkas at Linggo ng Wika Celebration

Every school in the entire Philippine Archipelago annually observes the Linggo ng Wika in the month of August. Different programs are performed and celebrated by the pupils, students and teachers to commemorate the importance of having our national language and to pay respect for Manuel L. Quezon, Father of the Filipino National Language.   The Filipino Club of my youngest son's school conducted a “Sabayang Bigkas Competition”, and Yahmir was one of the participants among the Grade VI pupils in their entry for the intermediate level.  All the performers wore the Traditional Filipino Costume for their presentation. The program was simple yet very much organized.  Some parents were there to see their children perform.  The stage decoration and Yahmir wearing Camisachino, red scarf, with farmer's hat. the grade VI performance Yahmir with Mrs. Isiderio, Filipino Club Adviser and his class adviser as well. posing for photo captures the grade IV an

A Day of Cultural Show

Even though my husband and I are so busy as bees, we take time out as much as possible to attend our children’s school affairs and activities.  This is the time where I can talk to my kid’s Class adviser regarding their behavior, class standing and other concerns. We enjoy watching their school programs, especially if our children are involved in such activities.  We support and encourage them in joining their extra curricular activities for them to develop their other talents.  Both of my kids are good dancers J February 14-19, 2011, Sacred Heart Academy of Novaliches (SHAN), the school where Yahmir is studying celebrated it’s 40 th year foundation anniversary.  They scheduled a week full of different activities and programs.  Aside from the fun booths, you can see plenty of commercial food booths like Jollibee, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts and more.  They put up a roller coaster ride which the pupils and students enjoyed most.  Yahmir enjoyed so much. During the week his D