The Benefits Of Volunteering

There comes a time in every person's life when there is a void hard to describe, an unsettling desire to do something bigger than themselves. There are many reasons why volunteer work can replenish that feeling in a most gratifying way, it can redeem the spirit, harvest knowledge, create social connections and improve the CV.

Volunteer work with the Army Cadet Force or other charities such as the Red Cross, Oxfam and Shelter can be a character building component of anyone's life because through helping others, you help yourself. When giving back, you not only gain experience in many of life's components, but you build self-esteem and gain confidence, discovering new things about yourself and the community you take part in. Through altruism and compassion, you create genuine human connections and find priceless life lessons in the least expected places.

Volunteering expands not only our own happiness, but improves the way we interact with the world. We are hardwired to give, reciprocity being an important neurological function that has led to the advancement of society as we know it. It is mutually beneficial to both you, and society, when you volunteer your time and effort to a cause.


The only problem volunteer work has is that there can never be too much. Whatever your age, line of work, personal skills or life story, there is always something you can do. Perhaps the only issue people find trouble with when it comes to volunteering is time, but where there is a will, there is a way. The endless possibilities provide countless benefits that will enrich not only your value as a human being, but also your career, granting your CV those extra details that will seal the deal. There is a wide variety of volunteer opportunities in the world today, from local volunteer centres to worldwide non-profit organizations that support volunteers and provide activities to fit specific interests, either for individuals looking to change the world, or for companies looking to make a difference.

Whether you are looking for a break from a busy lifestyle, or need to feel part of a team, there are many reasons for giving a little bit of ourselves to the world. Take the first step to find excitement and peace while supporting those in need, helping the environment and surpassing limits. Start small or dive right in, volunteer work will be more than a commitment, more than a fun way to expand your horizons and push your comfort zone, it will become a way of life.

This post was written by Aaron Whyte. He has many years experience in volunteering and currently spends his free time volunteering as an adult instructor for the Wiltshire ACF


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