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Simple Snapshots: Background Ideas For Your Next Photoshoot

As your kids grow, and your life as a family evolves and changes, capturing precious moments before time flies by can become very important. One way many families do this is with annual or regular family photoshoots, bringing everyone together to create some great family memories that you’ll be able to cherish, and show off for years to come. Creating an interesting and meaningful background with your photoshoot without having it overpower the main focus (which is, of course, your family) can be tricky. Next time you’re planning a photoshoot, think about trying one of these backgrounds. Nature Nothing makes a more beautiful background than a picturesque location provided by Mother Nature. Whether it’s a park, a hiking trail, a lake or pond, or just your own back yard, getting outside with your photographer can help provide some really beautiful moments. With this selection, you’ll want to work with your photographer on finding a time and location with lighting that will w

5 of Brisbane's Best Parks to Capture Your Next Family Portrait

Residents of Brisbane are fortunate that they live in a very green city. It is a city full of open spaces and parks that are fantastic for families. There are hundreds of parks in Brisbane, and these parks make ideal spots to take a family portrait in. Here is a guide to five of the most beautiful parks in Brisbane that you can use as the setting for your next family portrait. 1. Roma Street Parkland This is perhaps the most elegant park in Brisbane. There are lots of manicured lawns and hedges that you can use as the backdrop for a family portrait. There are fountains, artworks and statures that can be incorporated into the composition of your portrait as well. There are also lots of flowers planted in Roma Street Parkland that add a lot of beauty to the surroundings. 2. Sandgate Foreshore Though this is not the typical city park that is full of grass, Sandgate Foreshore still makes a pretty setting for families to get their portraits taken in. This is a long stretch of beau

3 Ways to Let People Know You Don’t Want Them in Your Family Portrait

Planning a family portrait can be a challenging task. From finding the perfect photographer to deciding on what everyone should wear, there’s a range of important considerations to keep in mind when organising this very special event. Unfortunately, it can also raise the uncomfortable scenario of having to tell people that you can’t have them in the portrait. Whether it’s due to budget constraints, logistics, or other reasons, here are 3 ways to gently let people know that you don’t want them to participate in your family portrait. Explain Your Budget Some people simply underestimate the cost of hiring a professional photographer for your family portrait. Explain that you have budgeted just enough to cover your immediate family, and that any further inclusions would start to increase the cost of having the portrait done.