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Cleaning 101: The Bedroom

The most private part of the house is the bedroom.  It is also the quietest room where one can enjoy serenity and calm atmosphere. Just like any part of my house, I like it also clean and tidy.  I call it my chamber  . I usually do a general cleaning on a weekly basis, cleaning the electric fans, cleaning the air-conditioning unit’s filter and changing of bed sheets or bed covers, pillow cases and comforters.  It is best recommended to change bed sheets, comforters and pillow cases every 7 days, however during rainy season; I sometimes do it every two weeks.   There is a very real psychology to gaining organizational skills that one gets as they earn their life experience degree. Here is the procedure on how I do general cleaning on our bedrooms:  Before I take out the bed covers, I remove first the cobwebs on the ceilings using a long broomstick.  Usually it will take a month or more before I could see webs again.   Take out the bed sheets and pillow cases. After ta