Practical Ways To Keep Your House Odor Free

Who wouldn’t want to live in a fresh smelling house? As much as possible, we take effort in keeping our house clean in order to avoid those disgusting odor that might be due to poor air circulation, left-over food, musty odors from old furniture, wallpaper, carpet, garbage or perhaps stocked up soiled clothes. 

These days, there are several deodorizers in the market and you’re seeing them as the fastest possible solution to eradicate the odor. However, bear in mind that these deodorizers aren’t floor cleaners that could just wash away the odor. They tend to mix with the foul ones thus aggravating the horrible smell. 

Before spraying any air freshener, see to it to you’ve already emptied your garbage can, thrown away your leftover food and placed all your soiled clothes in your laundry room.

Placing plants inside your house can also help in cleaning the air. They are known to be natural air fresheners. 

Scented candles and fresh flowers can also do wonders in taking away stinking smell.

If someone smokes in your family, implement a strict no smoking rule inside your house. This isn’t just for keeping your house odor free but to protect the health of those who doesn’t smoke as well. 

Installing an exhaust fan in your kitchen could help eliminate cooking smell which can be a curtain clinging odor.

Schedule a house deep cleaning on a regular basis, deep-seated dirt can also cause foul smell when accumulated.

If possible, allow some fresh air to get inside your house by opening your windows provided that you aren’t living in a highly urbanized community wherein air pollution is at high levels.

It is relaxing to be greeted by a whiff of fresh clean-smelling air.


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