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Teaching Kids Honesty

If you will notice a child begins to make believe and lie when they reach the toddler stage.   The formative years of a child begins in the age of zero-five.   During this age, they become aware and curious of what’s happening around them, they mimic the things they see and hear and because of their virgin minds, they still cannot distinguish what is right and what is wrong. A crucial stage which lay the foundation of the whole life of a child.   It is very important for us to guide and teach them to be more emotionally stable.   A child who feels being loved has the less chance to misbehave. “Haplos ng pagmamahal” (showing affection through touch or simply the touch of love) is just one way how to show and let your child feel that he is well-loved and taken cared of.   The best foundation for discipline is love. One of the first things we should teach them is how to be honest.   We can teach honesty anytime through their daily activities, explaining carefully for their little