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Preventative Measures of Scam for the Elderly

              Image source: Before the universal occurrence of online scams, senior citizens had already been victims of other con tricks via phone calls or face-to-face.  It is highly unjust for the elderly to lose their entire life savings and hard-earned assets due to fraud.  The cost of loss each year for senior citizens alone reaches up to $328 million.  Con artists target the elderly regardless of their economic status –the scam problem spans all income levels . This being said, scammers do not exempt the elderly population with average savings to be one of their victims. There are many considerations to watch out for involving financial abuse. They often come in many forms –some are easier to spot, while others are more difficult. The good news is: there are many preventive ways to combat scams that target the elderly. Let’s explore them below to support our older relatives in making sound decisions for financial security.  Phone Call Scams - Possib

Let Your DNA Influence Your Lifestyle and Live a Healthier Life

StockSnap. ‘Yoga.’ Copyright-free. There are genetic and DNA tests for almost any purpose you can dream of. However, not all genome testing is completed with the same level of diligence and integrity. There are two main types of DNA tests: medical and commercial. Medical gene and DNA tests are more thorough and specifically tailored to suit a patient. The costs associated with genetic tests, therapies, and gene counselors are significant. Many insurance companies will not cover the fees associated with these developing treatments. Consumer DNA tests range from quality screenings with reliable results to educated guesses that are more like entertainment than genetic research. Before exploring what these commercial DNA tests can do to protect and improve your health, it is wise to visit the objective DNA Weekly website where you will find honest reviews and helpful resources that aid you in buying the test best suited for your needs.  Precision Medicine One of the most exci

Cufflinks, formal jewellery buttons to last a lifetime

A white-collar profession requires formal outfits especially when attending business meetings, social events and important occasions. Men usually have less accessories worn compared to women. Cufflinks, aside from a watch are referred to as one of the formal jewelleries generally worn by men with their formal shirts. Cufflinks are one of the best presents to give on occasions like birthdays that would be gladly appreciated aside from the latest gadgets. An antique jewellery like cufflink would be a great souvenir too which can be used time and time again. What is a cufflink? It is a decorative fastener alternative to buttons which is used to secure the cuffs when wearing a jacket. These buttons are intended for use with shirts which have buttonholes on both sides that usually have no buttons to fasten. This jewellery can be made of enamel, titanium, precious metal like gold, white gold and silver, glass, fine gem stones, wood, leather and more. Why wear cufflinks? Cufflinks a

Online Learning 101: A Parent’s Guide

Online learning presents us all with difficult challenges, especially if you are a parent of 2 or more children. Even if you are a parent who is digitally savvy, you will still be grappling with many different problems that will occur during the phase of sudden transition of the traditional education to online education environments. This alternative learning method has begun in most countries around the globe and is tough to achieve for parents who must continue their own work to support their families. How to meet your children’s academic needs while you need to keep doing your job if you are an essential worker is not an easy task. While for those who are working remotely from home suffers time management. Although online learning may seem like an impossible task, there are possible remedies to make homeschooling journey sailing as smooth as possible. Here is a useful parent’s guide to help your child with online learning. Time Management First step is to list down your chi