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How to wean a toddler from bottle feeding

Bottle feeding a baby is a time-consuming and stressful task. You must monitor your milk production, your baby's feeding schedule, and other factors. Once you start weaning your toddler from the bottle, it can be equally as stressful—but for very different reasons! Some mothers feel bad about denying their toddlers something they adore so much, while others worry that if a bottle isn't around at all times, their children won't get enough food or liquids. What if, then, I could prove to you that things don't have to be this way? That there are actually ways to help you through the process? Be consistent While consistency is important for all aspects of parenting, it's especially important when weaning a toddler from bottle feeding. While your child may be ready to make the transition, she might not want to let go of her beloved bottle—and that's okay! Be patient and don't give up hope if it takes your child a few days or weeks to adjust. The easiest

Cleaning 101: What Really Causes Clutter?

It is a fact that our habits leads clutter in our homes.   Let me cite you examples of these habits that we need to break in order for us to have a de-cluttered home. Any of these sound familiar? HABIT Being afraid to let go of items. We always thought of “I might need this someday” or “My kids might want this Someday” until it will came the time that we forgot all about it. How to Deal :   In many cases, you can repurchase the item, if it’s truly needed. HABIT Not stepping up to tasks.   Family members walk right by something left out on the counter or in one corner of the house, but unless someone takes the initiative to make sure it gets cleared, it’s unlikely to happen. How to Deal :   Assign clear responsibilities, communicate with your kids and other members of the family and give consequences when they’re not accomplished. HABIT Procrastination.   Delaying decisions about where to put things, or waiting to put them in proper places – this is the cause of all clutter! How