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How to motivate children do their homework

photo from the web One of the reasons why school children hate school days is because of their homeworks. As most often they come home tired for they already spent the whole day studying in school. How to motivate them and bring them on to enjoy studying is not an easy task. My youngest son who is already on grade 7, still has mood swings - tantrums and stubbornness being an ADHD kid yet through proper motivation, attention and perseverance I can handle his different dispositions. It is difficult but having a lot of patience do wonders. These home assignments are tasks given to students/pupils by their teachers outside of class and frequently may include researching, reading, writing or building a school project. I will share you my simple yet effective tips on how to motivate your child/children do their homework without a battle. ·          Let them rest for a while after school, encourage a short talk with them.  Listen with interest to their stories o