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Winners for Notepad Corner's Birthday Giveaway

My Birthday is over and so as my first giveaway. I am very happy to announce the prize winners for the Notepad Corner’s Author Birthday Bash Giveaway. Asahi Rice Cooker Winner:   Kaye Mendez Electric Blender Winner:   Jhackie Pagal Thermal Pot Hot or Cold Beverage Dispenser Winner:   Divine Divah Productive Pinoy and Thomas Kindle Puzzle Winner:   Donna Jane Ramos Marcuap Bathroom Weigh Scale, Easy Open Hamper, Laundry Bag, Bath Essential Organizer and Waterproof Shower Curtain Winner:   Mary Jane Francisco Lock and lock Lunch Lit and Lock and lock Water Bottle for His and Her Winner:   Elizabeth Agustin-Aquino Heartstrings Shoulder Bag Winner:  Maricel Tan Congratulations to all the winners!  Thank you very much for your support. Please be advised that an email was already sent to the mentioned names above for prize claiming instructions . Should there'll be no response within 48 hours will automatically forfeit your winning, therefore another raffle will be cond

Notepad Corner’s Author Birthday Bash Giveaway

Another feather on my cap, as my gray hair is again ready to sprout, lol. Another year for added life experiences, wisdom and knowledge as I celebrate my natal day. This is my best time and opportunity to thank all the people who are always there to love and bear with me, through good and bad times, in sickness and in health, in rich and in poor. To my loving husband and children, my dear Mom, Dad and siblings, my relatives and friends who stayed with me all through 46 years of my life, actually it was not the years in my life that count. It's the life in my years which matter most. My greatest appreciation and gratitude for your unending love, care and support. I am what I am today because I have you who believed in me. So without further ado, I am very delighted to throw a birthday treat. This is my way to celebrate this special day with you. Seven Mini-home giveaways are awaiting seven lucky winners.

3 Tips To Overcome Debt In Your Schools

More students are graduating in debt than ever before. The rising cost of college tuition has driven students to take out student loans in order to receive a college education. The debt that accumulates from these student loans will follow a student for years, and can create problems when a student applies for a loan. Image via Wikipedia

Badge Reel, the solution for frequently lost IDs

Whether you are a student, a company employee or a hospital doctor or staff, it is always a standard operating procedure that at the moment you enter your school grounds or work establishments and premises, IDs have to be worn at all times Losing an identification card is a very common problem among students and employees. The implementation of the use of a school or company ID lace had somewhat lessen the issue. However, there is a more comfortable and easier way to carry and secure an ID with the use of a badge reel. It is now quickly becoming the employee id badge holder preferred by numerous small scale or large companies.

Beneficial cell phone accessories

Cell phone is one of the best innovative technologies ever invented.   Aside that it’s very useful in our daily lives, it also adds comfort and very handy to carry anywhere around the globe.  Communication with our loved ones is no longer an issue once you have and always bring it with you. Messages can be sent in an instant. Upon buying a new cell phone, we usually purchase cell phone accessories as well. Accessories of which are essential add-ons that will bring elegance, glamor and long term safety for your unit.    Faceplate cover cases come in beautiful patterns - in plastic, rubber or silicon which is fitted for your mobile brand and model.  There is a wide selection for cheap cell phone cases to choose from. You can also select from a variety of stylish designs that would fit your status and lifestyle. Protective cases that are strong against scratches and   will help shield your unit from accumulating dusts. It will eventually safeguard your cell phone from accidental dr

Tips on How to Make House Cleaning a Fun Activity

Mothers are probably one of the busiest people here on earth. Their schedule starts early in the morning, getting the kids ready to school and it continues throughout the whole day. This is one of the reasons why skills in time management is very important. If not for proper planning, it might be impossible to finish all the scheduled tasks for the day. Keeping the home clean is another activity that is often regarded as a mom’s responsibility. While most fathers would be in charge in repairs and major housework, mothers on the other hand are tasked to perform house cleaning. Of course sweeping the floors and making the beds are a daily routine but it will be best to do a general house cleaning at least once a week.

Get the Best Out of Your Budget For Your Family Living

In today's recessing economy, it's important to keep one's finances in the forefront of your mind. Each decision that you make should have your budget in mind. If you don't have a budget in place, it's time to create a financial map for yourself. Image by RambergMediaImages via Flickr

Platinum the rarest wedding band

A lot of times when looking for a wedding band you want to get something that is unique to you and your love.  Wedding bands platinum can be just the right thing.  They are made of the rarest precious metal known to man.  Just like your love is unique and rare you need a wedding band that will show that.  Recently the price of platinum has gone up compared to the early part of this century.  The reason it has gone up in value is that it is an obvious commodity. When you buy platinum you will actually buy a ring that will go up in value over time.

Grazie Productive Pinoy!

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” – Paul J. Meyer The quotation best explains the reason why Productive Pinoy, authored by Yeng Remulla is selling like hotcakes in the market today. His witty and clever method of discussing the ways and means on how to reawaken and recreate old Filipino traits that would bring significant results is the catch to gain more readers. The book is very educational for the young minds and adults as well.

Excellent Yet Economical Bifocals

Poor eyesight is a genetic condition that runs in our family. The four of us, me, my husband and two children are having poor eye health. Thus, all of us are wearing bifocals.  We often remind each other to “don’t expect your world to look bright if you are not wearing your pair of eyeglasses”, lol. My husband and I being at the prime of our lives were both prescribed by our optometrist to wear Progressive glasses for comfort, using only one pair for distance and reading. However, my husband made his lenses photochromic in order for him not to wear shades when working outdoors.  Our two sons were also both nearsighted and astigmatic just like ours. We also make sure that our lenses be on an anti-glare, because all of us are always infront of the computer for long hours too.

Tips on baby Skin Rashes Prevention

Notepad Corner  being a proud blog partner of  MomCenter Philippines,  continuously supports their endeavors. "  It's first and only free resource and buying guide for mothers that fuses traditional and new media to provide practical information, useful tools and abundant benefits to expectant Moms, new Moms and Moms with infants and young children. MomCentre also never forgets that Moms are women too, and includes content that covers issues women are interested in." In line with their newest tandem with   Nivea Baby Philippines in  caring for our baby’s sensitive skin, here are tips on How to Prevent Baby Skin Rashes. Source :

Important Things to Consider when Buying a Home

As we are eyeing into purchasing an owned family abode. Me and my husband conducted a family meeting to discuss and hear ideas from our two sons to consolidate our plans of where and what type of house do we need to buy. It will be a permanent dwelling so we need to assent to the most important things to look for and consider when buying a home. We were happy to know that our children agree with our ideas of an ideal home. We opt to buy a house that will fit the family needs, interests and wants. Which is most preferred a high rise dwelling or a single-detached house and lot? Majority voted for the single-detached house with a spacious lot in front and back. We all want to have a small backyard garden to do mini-farming, as we are all enthusiasts of agriculture and taking care of house pets at the same time. We are planning to buy for a home that is uniquely designed to fit our wishes and budget. We prefer a green home that is energy-efficient and is more comfortable and healt