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How to Teach Your Child Not to Lie

photo credits: All children lie at some point in their lives but there are varying degrees of lies. Kids naturally want to see what they can get away with and, of course, their first concern is to protect themselves if they feel they could get in trouble. Sometimes they are trying to impress their friends, teachers or others. Through honesty and example, you need to reassure your children that, no matter what, you are always there for them. Children do learn from example and the first step in teaching a child not to lie is by being a truthful role model. How many times have you lied to a salesperson or telemarketer, as well as another adult, and your child is standing right there? A child does not understand why those little white lies are allowed in the adult world when you are trying to set an honest example. A child will not learn the importance of being truthful if you do not model that behavior yourself. Children look up to you when you least expect