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Once Upon A Time….

Do you know that it’s healthy to tell stories about your childhood days experiences aside from the traditional bedtime stories (Pinocchio, Rapunzel, Peter Pan, etc.) we tell or read our children before they go to sleep at night? I discovered it as one of the very effective ways of instilling good values in their young minds as well as a way of informing them of our family history.  My experiences in the past when I was still a kid not only interest my children but it created more bonding relationship between me and my kids.

The Role of House Rules in Parenting

Our family agreed to have a set of house rules to follow.  House helpers are included as well to abide in these policies.  My husband and I strictly implemented these regulations primarily for the sake of our kids.  Rules at home is a preparation for rules in society. The principle of proper behavior, organization, responsibility and self-discipline  should be first taught and learned at home.  The time when our kids are ready to go to school, their first step in facing the outside world, they will be ready to comply and conform with the standards. The following are our House Rules: Respect each others privacy.   Don’t just get things which are not yours.   Ask for permission if you want to borrow personal things of other members of the family. For instance: cellphones and other gadgets and things. Return the things properly where you get it. Maintain the cleanliness, order and care of your respective and utility areas.   Organize your things and area everyday. Tidy up your toys a

Uses of A Micro-Fiber Cloth

What cleaning rag do you use at home?   Traditionally, we use cotton cloths, old face towels or hand towels as cleaning rags.   I, for one use old cotton t-shirts, and hand towels to clean up the house until I discovered this Micro-Fiber Cloth two years ago. A Micro-Fiber cloth is made up of synthetic fibers having specific characteristics like softness, durability, absorption, electrodynamics, and filtering capabilities.   It is commonly used for apparel, upholstery, industrial filters and cleaning products.   It is Non-toxic! – just add water!   Environmentally friendly! Reusable and long lasting, no more paper towel waste.   Allergen friendly! If members of your household have allergies to cleaning products, or if you just don't like to use chemicals, the micro fiber cloths are perfect for you because all you do is add hot water or simply tap water to your cloth to clean almost everything in your home.   It magnetically attract dust, eliminates flying dust particles. It is also

Sunday, Fun Day

I really enjoyed the get together with the two of my best blogging friends Mhel “BlankPixels” and Eihdra “One Proud Momma”.  We met last March 13, 2011, Sunday.  from left to right: Eihdra, Joy, Mhel My husband and my youngest son Yahmir accompanied me.  We were the first ones to arrive in our meeting place at PureGold Supermart along Monumento, Caloocan City .  While waiting, my two boys roam around, while I was so busy answering text messages from Mhel and Eihdra.  It’s a good thing that I always bring along my mobile landline aside from my cellphone. Eihdra and I were calling each other of our whereabouts, every 10 minutes, ahaha.  Finally after 30 minutes, Mhel arrived, we do some grocery shopping first before we fetch Eihdra at the LRT Station.  We were all so happy to see each other.  You can imagine the three of us who doesn’t refrain nor stop from chatting even while walking getting back to PureGold. J I thought Mhel’s place is near in our meeting place, wel

Bringing Home The Bacon

March, 2011 is a month full of surprises for our family. My two sons reaped the fruit of their hard work. JM, my eldest son was immediately hired for work after his graduation last May, 2010.  He became a regular employee after his six months probationary period on November 2010.  Last week of February, 2011, the company offered their employees an in-house job opening for a higher position.  He is very much interested to try his luck but having second thoughts. He asked for our opinion if he will pursue or not.  His Dad and I advised and encouraged him to go on with his endeavor. Opportunity knocks only once, and there’s nothing to lose if he doesn’t get the position he will still be employed.  He took the written exams, passed it and made it up to the final panel interview.  He got the job! From Level 3 Technical Support Representative, he was promoted to Level 5 Technical Support Representative.  On the 10 th month of his employment he already got his job elevation.  One event tha

A Devotee

My Mom being a woman of strong faith, is the one who first taught me the importance of putting God in our lives.  She taught me how to pray the Holy Rosary when I was still very young.  From then on, I developed this strong devotion and faithfulness in praying.  By the time I became a mother, I also passed this on to my children.  I was able to face life’s struggles and hardships with the aid of praying.  Knowing trials are given to us not to put us down but to mold us to become a better person, firm and stable in handling the gift of life.  Believing someone up above is watching over me and would not forsake me just as long as I keep on tracking the right path. I am very thankful and happy to receive a Holy Rosary present from my cousin when she had her pilgrimage to Rome .  It has been years but until now I can still smell the sweet scent from its beads.  The rosary was made up of wood with a scent of a rose.  I’ve been always using it when we say the rosary at home.  my Rosary f

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

There are times that some things are better left unsaid, better left unspoken.  As we get mad, we often say things not really intended to be said. If you’re too angry to think rationally, remove yourself from the situation. Give yourself a few quiet minutes alone to cool down. The more you understand your own temper, the more you will understand why people get mad, and the better your reactions to anger will be. Advises are great, if the person welcomes it.  We should refrain from giving unsolicited advices.  If a friend asks for it, then that is the time to share and extend your views and opinions. In business meetings with associates or clients, keep your thoughts to yourself first. Wait for the proper time or situation where you can speak out your ideas and suggestions.  In client meetings stick to the important matters to be discussed. Be aware that you are consuming both of your precious time. Being talkative doesn’t necessarily mean that you are being friendly.  Sometimes, to

A Day of Cultural Show

Even though my husband and I are so busy as bees, we take time out as much as possible to attend our children’s school affairs and activities.  This is the time where I can talk to my kid’s Class adviser regarding their behavior, class standing and other concerns. We enjoy watching their school programs, especially if our children are involved in such activities.  We support and encourage them in joining their extra curricular activities for them to develop their other talents.  Both of my kids are good dancers J February 14-19, 2011, Sacred Heart Academy of Novaliches (SHAN), the school where Yahmir is studying celebrated it’s 40 th year foundation anniversary.  They scheduled a week full of different activities and programs.  Aside from the fun booths, you can see plenty of commercial food booths like Jollibee, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts and more.  They put up a roller coaster ride which the pupils and students enjoyed most.  Yahmir enjoyed so much. During the week his D

Tips to Minimize Marital Conflict

Disagreements, misunderstandings, and opposition arise in every marriage or should I say at least in most marriages.  Here are some tips on how to lessen such conflicts: Work toward prompt resolution and do not let the conflict linger.   As much as possible do not sleep at night without resolving your issues. Avoid harsh words that may irritate or hurt your partner’s feeling.  It will surely aggravate the situation. Let bygones be bygones.  A fight over the past should not be brought out in each conflict.  Forget it.

All In One

Liquid soap is in. Different brands of liquid soaps are seen in grocery stores and supermarkets, yet which of it will you buy?  Do you know that Jergens Antibacterial Liquid Soap is an all in one soap not only for you but for your family too?  It kills germs, deodorizes and moisturizes as well.  Years ago, my ob-gyne recommended it as an alternative to my intimate wash.  I gave it a try and satisfied with it.  I’ve been using it for years now.  During the cold weather, we use it for body wash to moisturize our skin and prevent it from drying.  I place bottles of Jergens in the bathroom/comfort room and another one in the kitchen.  It is also very effective as a hand wash.  It gently removes stubborn odors, like garlic for instance. It is very affordable and could last a long time, depending on the usage.  A pea size is enough for hand washing and in intimate washing.   It comes in a big bottle for refill and a small one with an easy dispersal cap.

The Napping Wisdom

This fast paced world is not nap friendly.  The saying “Some sleep five hours, nature requires seven, laziness nine and wickedness eleven” shows our regard for sleep. When one is caught sleeping even during his free time, people are quick to judge him as lazy.  What many don’t realize is that a 15-minute nap can actually do wonders in our busy waking hours whatever activity we opt to do.  Napping can increase productivity for it gives us a chance to “recharge” that can result to more vigor and clarity of mind.  The way not to fall asleep on the job is to take naps when you need them.  Sleeping 15-minutes to 2 hours in the early afternoon can reduce stress and improve alertness. A nap is like a snack on sleep.  We do this when studying or working for long hours and this certainly helps in reinvigorating us.  There is an exquisite pleasure in giving oneself over to drowsiness.  Napping is one of the few pleasures left that are not life threatening.  One who is drowsy but tolerates his