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Redesigning the Bathroom (Things to Consider)

                             Traditional Bathroom by Cambridge Architects & Designers Frank Shirley Architects Redesigning any room in the house is an arduous task that can be fulfilling. By personally redesigning and renovating the rooms in your house, you can turn your house into a home that you can proud of. The bathroom is a vital part of the house, thus the design choices that you make are vitally important. Before beginning any remodel or renovation project there are a few topics that you should consider. Do You Plan To Sell at Some Point? This question may seem useless, after all you don’t plan on selling in the next few months or you wouldn’t be considering this remodel. But if there is any chance that you will sell soon, you might want to reconsider the remodel. According to the Remodeling Cost Value Report , homeowners that renovate a home before a sale do not receive the full monetary investment back. At most they receive about 65% of a bathroom renovat