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9 Ways to Save on College Tuition and Costs

Reducing college expenses can help you to avoid crushing student debt and financial stress. Finding the right ways to reduce expenses will help you to get the most out of your education. image source: 1. Choose a low-priced college . Public universities often cost less than their private counterparts. Find one that fits your budget and will allow you to pay for your education without costly loans. There are online programs that will allow you to analyze the costs of college before you fill out an application. 2. Rent textbooks . Textbooks can cost hundreds of dollars per semester. By renting your books or buying them used, you can significantly save on college costs. Make money by selling them at the end of the semester or renting them out to other students. 3. Live with roommates off campus . Off-campus apartments often cost significantly less than on-campus housing. Grab a few roommates and split the rent several ways to save on rent, utilities and oth