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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How to Choose the Right Condominium Property in Manila

A growing number of urban professionals and young families are foregoing the expense and drama of buying residential family homes in the suburbs in favor of condominium properties in Manila and other cities in the metro for convenience. This trend has greatly accelerated urbanization; thereby, shooting real estate prices upwards.

What can you afford?

Securing your finances to acquire a new condo unit is just the beginning. The terms of sale might place unexpected demands on your buying decision. Each developer will implement varied payment conditions that need to be negotiated; from the popular zero-down-payment-with-higher-interest methods, to the full-payment-before-settlement process. There are also rent-to-own schemes with large payment balloons at term.

The availability of different payment options is intended to make it easy to sell condos, but have the effect of confusing the genuine buyer willing to close a deal. Giving careful consideration to the lifetime price, including optional extras and building maintenance, is really the only way to ensure you are not signing an unfavorable contract.

Remember that while condos are sold complete with luxurious facilities such as pools, gyms, tennis courts, basement parking, and close access to metro stations and shops, this comes with the obligation to pay ongoing management fees. Usage restrictions and other conditions might also affect your residential experience in your condo, so be sure to read the fine print.

The best advice you can get in this technology-driven age is to be smart and confident about your decisions. Check out Zipmatch, an online property finder in the Philippines, that will help you find your dream home and match you with the right real estate professional. .

Is it strategically located?

That perfect condo you chose could be situated on a major intersection gridlocked during rush hour or noisy for other reasons. Ambulances, police, and fire trucks need to use their sirens, even at 3 A.M. in the morning. Choosing a peaceful and traffic-free neighborhood could work wonders for your sleeping pattern.

With urbanization, old flood plains and swamps have been drained and built on. However, heavy rains during natural depressions attract flood water. If the condominium isn't properly constructed, the basement could fill up with water, or worse, untreated sewage. Earthquakes and other natural disasters in the metro are also issues you need to bear in mind when choosing your location.

Within the building, you might be offered a substantial discount for a condo near the elevator, the rubbish chute, or the building service conduit, which could turn out to be very noisy. It is worth remembering that most of the noise within the building will be at times when most residents are home. Knowing more about the property’s technical details could help you avoid the worst areas and ensure a lifetime of peace and privacy.

Who is the developer?

In legal terminology, the phrase “Let the buyer beware” is apt. Research on the condo developer to learn about their history in the real estate industry. Even the biggest developers do not complete construction on time or even hire subcontractors with shady work practices to save expenses.

It is wise to remember that agents and developers have their own agenda. As such, you have to practice due diligence. Go into every negotiation with your eyes open and make sure your priorities are being addressed. Walk away from a contract that is unfavorable to your needs.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Spoil Your Dad With Your Love This Father's Day

Of all the holidays in the year, Father’s Day is my favorite. I love being able to show my dad just how much he means to me, as well as to my children. They might have their own wonderful father - my husband, but my kids also have a close bond with their grandfather.

I am thankful for many things in my life - my husband and children, our good health, and our happy home. But one thing that I am thankful for above all else is my dad. Ever since I was a child, I have been extremely close to him; no matter what ups and downs I have faced, he has always been there for me.

From the moment his first child was born, my dad has always been an incredible hands-on father. From playing with us as children to being there to support us as we grew, there is nothing he hasn’t helped us through.

me and my Dad

For everything my father has done for me, Father’s Day gives me a chance to say a little thank you by showing him how much I care.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the only way to show your dad you love him is with an expensive gift. There are many simple ways you can show your dad that you care without spending a fortune. Instead of shelling out for a present, show your father that you care about him by spending time together making memories.

If you are stuck for ideas of how you can show him that you care without buying a gift, here are a few of my favorite ideas:

Ask him about his childhood

There is nothing that says “I love you” more than taking an interest in your dad's life. Spend some time together just the two of you and ask him about his childhood.

my Dad during his teenage years

If you don’t already know where he grew up, what school he went to or who his best friend was, ask him. Pull out your dad’s old childhood photo album and ask him about your favorite pictures. What’s the story about that goofy picture of him at prom? Who is he fighting with in that black and white photo?

It’s sad to think about, but we only have limited time with our dads. So if you don’t ask about his past now, you might never have the chance.

Plan a Father’s Day BBQ

You can show your dad how much you care about him by planning a special Father’s Day BBQ in his honor. Invite your siblings and their children along, and plan a special family day in celebration of your father.

Create a list of all his favorite grill food and prepare a BBQ feast that he will love. If your dad is a real foodie and is happy to eat anything, pick up a mixture of yummy meats, salads bits, and specialty breads. Grill steaks, king prawns, chicken wings, and sausages, always go down well.

Surprise him

If you live a long way away from your parents, surprise your dad with a special Father’s Day visit. Get your mom and siblings in on it and ask them to help you plan your big surprise.

My Dad is always happy to dine with his favorite restaurant :)

Perhaps you could ‘bump’ into him at the grocery store or maybe at his favorite restaurant? No matter where you surprise him, you coming home is sure to be the best Father’s Day present ever.

Help him in the garden

If your dad has a green thumb and loves his garden, why not get involved and offer to give him a hand? While you could spend the day helping him out with all his least favorite gardening chores, you could also help him with a new project.

If your dad has wanted to create his own allotment, rockery or a new flower bed for a while, why not spend the day helping him to do that? You could even buy him a couple of Father’s Day plants for his new project.

Ask him to help you fix something

Since my siblings and I were young, my dad has been teaching us how to fix things ourselves. He’s a proper handyman and a jack of all trades and is always happy to be asked to help us with any DIY problem.

my Dad and my eldest son doing some carpentry

Most men are natural problem-solvers, and so, love being asked to help solve DIY issues. If there is something you have wanted to learn how to do for a while, ask your dad to help you with it.

Allowing your father to share his DIY knowledge will teach you something new, and will make him happy that he is the one you asked for help. My dad loves knowing that although my siblings and I are all grown up, if ever we have a problem it is always him we turn to.

Get creative

Although buying a present isn’t necessary, I always like to give my dad a Father’s Day card. Sometimes I buy the card, but most years I choose to get a little crafty instead and make it myself.

As well as making him a card, sometimes I like to make a little DIY gift as well. Unlike a store bought present or card, making something yourself has a lot more meaning. The fact you spent time creating something special just for him means a lot.

Bake him a batch of his favorite cookies - my dad loves these chocolate chip and banana ones. Make him a mixed CD of all his favorite songs. Record a funny video for him - perhaps you could get your siblings involved too and each record a message for him?

my dad's most requested banana muffins
Baking more of these rolled oats with choco chips cookies, my Dad's fave cookies

Showing your dad how you feel about him has nothing to do with money. Buying an expensive gift doesn’t show him that you care. Showing your dad that you love him is about spending time with him and making memories.

To show your dad how much he means to your, instead of buying a gift this Father’s Day, spend the day doing something more memorable with him. It might not be the traditional way to celebrate, but spending time with you, will top any present.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Orderly Move: 4 Tips for Making Your Move a Breeze

As exciting as moving to a new place can be, the process of getting there is typically a drag. From packing to organizing and transporting everything, the whole process is tiring and gets a bit stressful. However, there are a few things you can do to make the process a little more enjoyable, or at least a lot less daunting. Check out these tips and make your next move a breeze.

1. Start Early

One of the biggest stresses associated with moving is the seemingly unavoidable “time crunch.” Do yourself a favor and start planning, preparing, and packing for your move as soon as you can. Ideally, your process will begin 1 to 2 months ahead of time.

As you start packing, designate a room or corner in your house for filled boxes and get packing. Start with things that you won’t need until after the move first. Packing your out-of-season clothes and shoes, unnecessary kitchen items, and even toys first. Be sure to label each box, so you know where to find things as you unpack. It’s easiest to just write with permanent marker directly on the box.

2. Get All of the Packing Supplies You Need

As you begin packing, you will almost undoubtedly run into issues. Having boxes that aren’t the right size or that aren’t sturdy enough will only add to the headache of moving. So do yourself a favor and get high-quality moving boxes and supplies in all of the sizes you need. Boxes 4 U or a similar boxing company can provide you with everything you need.

Moving boxes are specifically designed to withstand the weight and repeated rearranging that is typical of the moving process. You’ll also need specific supplies like kitchen packing options, tape, picture and mirror boxes, wardrobe boxes, mattress cartons, and others. Don’t forget to get the moving equipment you need either. A dolly, furniture pads, and bungee cords will make the process much easier.

3. Pack an Essentials Box

Do not forget to do this. After a long day of packing, traveling, and unpacking, the last thing you’ll want to do is search through all of those boxes to find what you need. Make it easy on yourself and pack a box with all of your essentials. Remember toiletries, a change of clothes, and anything you’ll need the next morning. You may also want to include a few dishes, silverware, and even your hairdryer.

4. Enlist Help

The worst thing about moving is having to do it all alone. Call a few friends or even your family to get some help packing and unpacking. It will make the process faster and easier. And, besides, who isn’t willing to move a few boxes if there is pizza (or some other free food) involved?

Moving can be tough, but if you start early, pack smart, and get some help, the process will be a breeze. Happy moving!