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Monday, October 31, 2011

Job Hunting Tips

Unemployment is a worldwide problem, so it is not only us Filipinos who are in dire need of jobs to augment our family financial needs.  Fresh graduates’ increases by the year, having job placements are really a battle. 

Have you also experienced to walk-in to apply for a job? The long wait in just submitting a resume will consume most of your time, only to find out that you will be re-scheduled for an interview.  

The World Wide Web offers vast sites of job market; however we have to be aware that not all of them are legitimate. Some of them are operating fly- by- night, asking for fees among applicants then will disappear when you asks for a follow-up.

If you are a job seeker, make sure that you make a good resume’, complete with important details, short content yet striking. The picture attached should also look professional; never crop a picture from your collection. We have to see to it that we can pace the tight competition in the job market. 

Online reputable finance recruitment companies are not shady. They give complete details about their company, location, services and featured associates. We need to browse on the site rigidly to make sure its authenticity.

Never be overwhelmed with high salary offers, compensation will depend on the position you are applying for.  Depending on our work experience and expertise, we can bargain for a higher remuneration level. Online recruitment and placement agencies gauge skills and look for characteristics not found in the resume. Bear in mind that communication skill, attitude, professionalism, motivation and flexibility counts a lot during an interview. Also, wear the proper business attire, never over-do a make-up for personality counts a lot too!

Lastly, before signing into a contract, you may ask for other benefits like holiday pay, service bonus, etc. that you may compensate when hired. Never forget to pray to ask for wisdom for accomplishment of endeavors. Good luck!