Friday, June 20, 2014

The Success Key Will Open the Door to a Happier Life

Life is never a bed of roses. There are ups and downs and unexpected turns. There are times when you have worked hard, very hard and harder but failed almost in all attempt. Our hopes are still kept alive till we reach our destination. The incongruous mix of happiness and sadness together makes life successful. Haven’t we heard of the adage “Failure is the stepping stone to success” it’s absolutely right. We learn many things from each failure. When you make a mistake for the first time, next time you are sure not to make the same mistake. That’s how our mental power works within us.

Success cannot be achieved in a single day. You need to fight a lot of wars to get settled in life. There is a driving force within every human being. The driving force which helps you move ahead in life. Failures are sure to bring unhappiness around you and in contrast, success will always bring you happiness and cheerfulness. The wrong expectations and experiences can make you think negative and whatever you contemplate turns out to be a sheer failure. At the same time if you think positively and surround yourself with more of positive energy, you are sure to reap good rewards. Break free the negative attitude and improve your way of thinking. Eliminate even a miniscule negative thought from your life and allow optimistic ideas to rule your life.

Life is all about challenges and face challenges with utmost confidence. There is no point being afraid of problems in life. Being afraid of problems and difficulties of life will never pave way for success in your life. Try to be happy always. It is a universal truth that success will always bring you happiness. But at the same time, your mind should also expect failures. Life is all about “expect the unexpected”. There are tons and millions of problems that flow into your life unpredictably. To face it, you need mental strength. Loosing hope when in a difficult situation can really break you to shards. When you have difficulties in life, understand that everything happens for a reason and success is not much away from you.

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The success key will surely open the door of happiness for you one day. But to reach that day, you will have to fight problems and pains. Self-realization, self-confidence, mental strength, your potential abilities etc. are the major thing that will take you to success. So stay strong, think positive, fight your battle and see how success comes your way and opens the door of happiness in your beautiful life.

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Housewives Shouldn’t Get Bored: Ways to Get Busy and Make Money

Are you a stay-at-home mom? Do you think you are going crazy for letting the days pass by with doing the same routines everyday? We got some good news for you. Your home doesn’t have to feel like prison. There are ways you can enjoy staying at home and even earn some good cash along the way. Read on.

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Try a freelancing job post. Creativity is a useful key to success. It can help you go somewhere and do something without taking you away from your own comfort home. Designing websites, writing web contents and virtual assistants are just few freelance jobs that could make you a big time stay-at-home mom.

Become a tutor. You choose: do it online or do it face-to-face. Tutorial services are highly in demand. There are various subjects you can choose to teach or tutor others with depending on your skills. At present, there is a good amount of non-English speaking students looking for English tutors. If that fits into your resume, you can earn a good pay out of it.

Go direct selling. Countless housewives have done the same trick. Did you know that before online stores became famous, direct selling came to existence. Yes, it hasn’t lost its popularity because of internet.

Do errands for money. People are busy and that’s a fact. That is also probably why others are willing to pay anything so somebody could relieve them of what they consider as the most trivial errands. Personal services can be served to those who have no time to do them for a sum of pay in return. You can do this during your idle times at home so you will not have time to get bored.

Play online casino. One of the best ways to earn and be busy at home is logging in to a reputable online casino and just playing around. There are rewards to being engrossed into your favorite games, which would definitely help wile away your time. Definitely, has got some nice tips and a wealth of information of the best casino sites so you can take advantage of this money-generating hobby.

Do a garage sale. Cleaning the clutter in your home will not only keep you busy. It can also be translated into extra money for the family. Everyday, when you do your cleaning chores, look out for stuffs that are no longer of use to you but might still be of value to others. Sell them to shops that specialize in used items. Otherwise, you can always put up a “Garage Sale” sign and just wait for eager customers.

Cook for a pay. If you are good at cooking food, take advantage of your skill to earn extra. Starting your own business right at your own kitchen is not too ambitious. In fact, it is one of the best options for stay-at-home moms who are looking for some things to do so they won’t go crazy. You can either go for catering service in parties or sell goodies or food to your neighbors or might as well find a local store.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Back to School Adjustments Tips

It's school time again! The two months school break is over, the Department of Education declared last April 2, 2014 that the first day of classes for School Year (SY) 2014-2015 in public elementary and secondary schools nationwide in the Philippines is on June 2, 2014 and shall end on March 27, 2015. According to Education Secretary Armin Luistro, private schools may deviate from this School Calendar, based on Republic Act (RA) No. 7797 or “An Act to Lengthen the School Calendar from 200 days to not more than 220 Days. Going back to school after a long break may pose some adjustment difficulties for children and parents as well, so here are some suggestions to help ease the transition and promote a successful school experience.

A new school year brings excitement to our children as it means new school things – new bags, new shoes, new school supplies and more. However, it also brings new worries to our children, some feel nervous on their first day of school because of the new things they will encounter – new teachers, new classmates, new lessons or a new school. Nevertheless, as they get used to these new concerns, their apprehensions and uneasiness will only stick around for a while.

We, parents must prepare and help our school children in adjusting to the upcoming greater levels of activity like home works, projects and pressures associated with school life by planning ahead and maintaining a positive attitude so they can manage their normal back-to-school jitters.

Buy all the necessary school supplies early, then as much as possible a week before the school starts, condition the minds of your children by engaging them in the preparation like name labeling and covering their books and notebooks. With a checklist, let them fill their backpacks with the required school supplies.

Also, a week before the school starts, re-establish bedtime and mealtime routines. This way their body clock can also adjust in waking up early again. After eating breakfast, encourage them to open and read their new books to help them get familiarize with their upcoming lessons before they play.

Remind them that just like last school year TV, handheld gadgets and computers will only be used on a limited time during school days. Other house rules on study practice will also apply once the school starts.

We moms also need to plan and make a list of weekly meal menu for their school snacks or packed lunch, so that meal preparation will be much easier and will not add to domestic worries and tensions during the first week of school.

The transition of activities may cause some minor difficulties during the first week of going back to school but it will become a daily routine in no time.

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Are You On The Right Career Path? 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Choosing a career is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent one. In days gone by, it wasn’t uncommon for a person to stay in a job for their entire working life. Nowadays, it is relatively easy to make a complete career change – if you want to.

How do you know if the career you’re working towards is right for you? What if you land your dream job and it becomes a nightmare? Check out the five questions below to see if you’re on the path to satisfaction and happiness.

1. Are You Bored?

Every job has at least one or two more mundane tasks and most businesses will go through slow periods that can be less than enthralling, but if you’re finding most parts of your role or industry aren’t challenging you and you find most aspects of the work to be boring, it may be a sign that you’re not where you need to be.

2. Do You Care About What You Do?

If you find yourself constantly wishing you were somewhere else, on autopilot or your heart just isn’t in what you’re doing, it may be more than just a bad day and a signal to start looking for something else. Sometimes changing employers is enough to kick your passion back into overdrive, but this can also be a telling signal that you need more.

3. Do You Feel The Money And Benefits Aren’t Enough?

This isn’t about needing a raise or to tighten your household budget – sometimes, if a career really isn’t right for you, it doesn’t matter what you’re getting paid as the money or perks can’t make up for the dissatisfaction you’re feeling. If this is you, it may be time to do some soul searching to

4. What Do Other People Think?

Are your friends or family always telling you that you’re wasting away in your current profession or not making the most of your talents? If the important people in your life can see that there is something wrong, pay attention.

5. Do You Want To Do Something Else?

This may be the biggest indicator of them all – do you spend your time wishing that you had studied business instead of arts, journalism instead of psychology or thinking about another industry you’d rather be in than your current field? If another industry, field or job is on your mind, that’s probably where you’re going to be the most satisfied long term.

If you do find that you aren’t in the right career to help you hit your personal and professional goals, don’t make any rash decisions. Take charge by researching and identifying where you would like to be, as well as the steps that will get you there. For example, you could check out online courses provided by training organisations such as etrainu to see what new skills you can equip yourself with.

How did you know your career was right for you? Share your answer by commenting below.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Baby Care 101: Nurture your Little One the Natural Way

The family’s bundle of joy is fragile, therefore, when it comes to baby care - nourishment, health and safety are always a parent’s primary concern. We see to it that we nourish our little ones with the best milk, healthy baby food and utilize recommended natural baby products to keep our baby out of harm’s way.

Babies need utmost care, aside from the infant formula, vitamins and supplements, hale and hearty food, periodic pediatric check-ups for their needed immunization and vaccines, we also must be aware that babies and kids skin are delicate and so is their immune system. They are more susceptible to absorbing the unwanted toxins from the products they are exposed to. This is the reason why we must be aware and be careful in buying personal stuffs for our baby and the whole family as well.

There are a lot of conventional baby products sold in the market. Do not be misled by their colorful or beautiful packaging or special promotional discounts like buy 1 take 1. It will be wise to read labels and choose to buy safer personal care products for your baby and kids. 

Chemicals in detergents, dyes in clothing, fragrances and other harmful ingredients can cause skin irritation, dryness, rashes, severe allergies and other skin problems. However, there’s more you can do to protect your baby and family from these products which contain dangerous toxins by using the practical guide below:

  • Read and select products that are labeled “Paraben-free”, “SLS-free”, “Food-Safe”, and “No Artificial Preservatives”
  • Choose a trusted product with the finest natural ingredients and extracts like Tiny Buds Natural Baby Products that safely nourish babies’ health.
  • Do not compromise your kid’s wellness and safety by buying items on special discounts to save on money. Bear in mind that quality is important and better than quantity.
  • Carefully monitor for any negative reactions when trying a new product.  It is best to test and try them on yourself first before using them on your baby and kids. For lotion or talcum powder, apply it on your inner arm then wait for some time to see if there has been a reaction.
  • There’s no need to use a variety of baby products for your tot.  Babies have a natural sweet smell and only need a toxic-free body wash, baby lotion and baby powder.

It is indeed a smart choice to use an all-natural product in nurturing and protecting your little one and providing your family a healthy, safe and toxin-free environment.  Tiny bud’s Rice Baby Powder, made from pure Rice Grains repels sweat and leaves baby Zael smelling fresh all day. While the special food-safe formula of the Tiny Buds Bottle and Utensil Wash effectively cleans the feeding bottles. To know more about other Tiny Buds products you may visit, like their Facebook page at or email: