Thursday, June 30, 2011

Southridge Capital Management

Stephen Hicks, Chairman and CEO of Southridge, LLC (“Southridge”), today announced that Southridge Partners II, an institutional investor, has entered into a $10 million equity purchase agreement with TechniScan, Inc. (OTC BB: TSNI), a medical device company engaged in the development and commercialization of an automated 3D breast ultrasound imaging system.

We are excited to be TechniScan’s equity investor in this major phase of developing better breast cancer diagnostics,” said Mr. Hicks. “Southridge is committed to working with TechniScan in the vital research of this emerging technology.”

Pursuant to a purchase agreement, TechniScan has the right, at its discretion, to sell to Southridge up to $10 million of its common stock over a 24-month period. The Company will have the right, but is not obligated, to sell stock to Southridge depending on certain conditions as set forth in the purchase agreement.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kids Never Run-Out Of Questions

Kids, especially toddlers are full of queries.  The stage of getting to know and curious about the things around them.  This is the phase where the foundation of knowledge and wisdom begins.

The most frequent questions they ask always starts with “Why” in Filipino “Eh Bakit?”  We, mothers are their first teacher so as much as possible we try to answer them truthfully and straight in a way that their little innocent minds will comprehend.

Never show them that you are annoyed of their unending questions.  If you are too tired to think for a good or best answer to his/her question, explain why you cannot answer him/her for the meantime. You may tell your child that would be your assignment and you will discuss it with him or her again later, while you divert his/her attention to play or do some writing.

My youngest son is already 11 years old, but still he never run out of questions.  It’s a good thing Mr. Google is always to the rescue ahaha. I can no longer answer his questions right away, I need to do some researching before I could come up with a correct answer to his querries about the greek and roman mythology. I bought him books to read on, yet still questions arise lol.

I am sharing with you some fun facts to share with your toddlers. I find these lines very educational for a small child.
  • You cannot stand on a cloud – you’d fall right through it.
  • If a dog has a wet nose, that’s a sign he’s healthy.
  • The buzzing sound a bee makes, comes from its flapping wings.
  • If a starfish loses a leg, it grows back.
  • The moon is round like a ball and its light came from the sun.
  • If you mix all your colors of paint together, you’d get dark brown.
  • With seahorses, the daddies get pregnant and have babies, not the mommies.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tang Galing Mo Kid!

The heavy rainfall yesterday, June 23, 2011, didn’t stop me from attending the launching event of “The Search for Tang Galing Mo Kid”.  My husband lovingly offered to accompany and to drive me to the venue which is very far from our place.  Aside from the fact that it is my first time to attend such an affair, I find the event worthy to be supported especially by a Mommy blogger like me.

Tang celebrates the greatness of today’s kids, and as a part of the celebration they launched the Search for Tang Galing Kids.  This is to encourage more kids to become involved in their communities.  Tang believes that despite their age and innocence, the tiny tykes can bring a refreshing change in the community. As a mother, I am in full support of their goal to bring out the best talents our kids have, not only to win prizes at stake but to contribute something meaningful to the community too!

The search is open to organizations whose members may nominate as many kids they want. Only one child per organization member is allowed. Each kid corresponds to one entry.  Each entry must have a one-pager story on the life of the kid and the small steps that the kid makes or has made which are inspiring and worth emulating. An official nomination form may be mailed to 5thP Advertising at 55D Matahimik St, Teacher’s Village, West Diliman Quezon City. Entries may also be sent via email through with the subject Tang Galing Nomination Form. Entries may be sent in from June 23 to August 6, 2011. Seven winners will be chosen as Tang Galing Kids.

The Seven Tang Galing Kids will be announced on August 23, 2011. Each will receive a cash prize which they can use to implement a project of their choice. The winning kids and their nominating organizations will each garner a Php100,000.00 cash prize.

We, as mothers play a crucial role in shaping a kid’s dream and nurturing his potentials. Nothing beats a mom’s touch in setting a larger-than-life playing field for kids where they can be their own mighty heroes. Moms know best when it comes to giving the much needed support and encouragement to the little ones. 

Our kids may be small but, they think and dream big. It’s high time for a refreshing and youthful change. Let our children shine and show how their little steps can transform into big strides; how these kids’ greatness can make them heroes as they make a difference with Tang.

With our children’s daily achievements no matter how big or small, let’s give them a refreshing reward such as serving them the Fruitsarap goodness of Tang.  They will surely love its juicy goodness.

Together with the fruit power of Tang Fruit drinks, let our children shine and show how their little steps can transform into big strides; how these kids’ greatness can make them heroes as they make a difference with Tang.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

UPS or the Uninterruptible Power Supply is a very important gadget to own to protect personal computers from software and hardware error, data loss and system corruption.

The on-battery runtime of most uninterruptible power sources is relatively short which is only 5–15 minutes being typical for smaller units, but sufficient to allow time to bring an auxiliary power source on line, or to properly shut down the protected equipment.

When I was still running an Internet Cafe business, I am using UPS for my Server PC to protect it from system errors and corruption.  During brownouts, I have no problem in logging out my customers, and charging them the right amount they need to pay according to their usage. 

At home, I also use UPS for our computers, especially on my laptop where all of my blogging files are kept.  Although, I used to do file back-ups in weekly basis but, it is still annoying and inconvenient formatting or troubleshooting and fixing errors if you can get rid of the problem.

Aside from keeping your equipments safe due to power interruptions, it also protect equipments from sudden power fluctuations. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are Your Kids Stubborn?

I believe that there is no stubborn child by nature.  Some of my friends keep on asking me why my sons JM and Yahmir are not bullheaded.  They told me theirs were so hardheaded, tough and naughty that no matter how much they cajole and threaten them, they just won't budge. I always answer them that my sons were no exception especially my youngest son who’s having an ADHD syndrome.  We, their parents also had passed the stage of being stubborn when we were still young.  We only have to teach them that despite of stubbornness they should learn how to obey.  I learned from my Mom that we parents has to handle and deal with it the sooner-the-better,or the younger the kids-the-better.  My Mom always reminds us “putulin ang sungay habang bata pa, wag hayaang mag-sanga at tubuan ng buntot” (cut the horn, never allow it to put forth branches and do not let a tail grow while still young)

Here are some Tips on how to handle and deal with stubborn kids.

  • Start them young, instill in their young minds the good manners and right behavior in any given situation.  Speak to a level that they can easily understand.  If he comes to the point of being naughty and misbehaving, try to show understanding than showing disapproval.
  • Do not immediately argue, know and understand the root of their stubbornness. Simply state your stand, the reasons for it and make known to them the consequences of disobedience.  
  • This is a hard thing to do – never get angry, instead talk to them calmly pointing out the reason why he has to do it or refrain from doing it.  Anger only serves to fan the flames.  In case, you cannot hold your anger anymore, I find it no harm to show it to them once in a while, but give them time to speak up for themselves, and give them time to think.
  • If the cause of the hardheadedness is not an issue, you can negotiate and discuss that with your kid and you both come to compromise.  It is important to identify the problem.  Alibis, irrational fears to resistance to change or just a simple attack of rebellion are the most common causes of being a bullheaded.
  • Be firm in your decisions and praise his good deeds and cooperation, you may give rewards but also make clear to them the consequences of non compliance
  • Do not interrupt when your kid is talking; lend your ears, let him express his thoughts and opinions.
  • Parental guidance is always a must for every child. Be close to your kids and talk to them about good and bad.
  • Try to see things through their point of view and try to solve the problem without hurting your kid.
  • Show respect so as you will gain it back.  If you want to let him do something for you, try to avoid conflict, make time to your request so it will not interrupt him while he is doing something else.  Let him finish what he’s doing first.
  • Most of all, you must need a lot of patience in order to deal or handle a stubborn kid.  Make them be aware of your expectations – that they should exhibit proper behavior even when you are not around to remind them.
  • And, lastly, as I always keep on saying in my former posts, open the channels of communication between you and your kids. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

School Time Once Again

School Year 2011-2012 has just begun. The long summer vacation has ended and it’s about time to get ready to go to school again.

Yahmir is already on his sixth grade and graduating the elementary course this school-year.  He is so excited to see his classmates again on his first day of classes on June 15, 2011, Wednesday.

It’s a good thing that I checked on his school uniforms two weeks ago.  He got taller by two inches so, I had his school pants repaired by a tailor.  We also had finished covering his 15 books.  Imagine 15 books? Thus,he still need to use a stroller bag this year, for his school bag is too heavy, having 15 books, 10 notebooks, 10 quiz notebooks, a diary, paper, pens, plus the school’s daily requirements like the health kit, a dictionary, a bible, a rosary, and many more.  Aside from the school bag he is also bringing along his lunch bag daily - the reason why we opted again to avail of the school service.  He cannot carry all his things if he will commute everyday.  Even if I will accompany him, I cannot carry it all the way back and forth, lol.

I just can’t help comparing today’s education to my elementary education before.  It was really a big difference.  Not only on the number of books but also on the present curriculum.  Lessons are much harder, I need to study and read his lessons first, in order for me to check if he has done his homework right.  Aside from their regular subject lessons, they also have an Individual Work Program, which is an additional one hour per subject daily. 

Sleeping habits will change starting tonight, he has to hit the sack much earlier in order to get enough sleep because he has to wake up early in the next days.  The daily packed lunch schedule was already posted on the refrigerator’s door.  Yahmir was the one who made his list.
Another adjustment on my daily routine is due when his classes start.  My husband and I will drop him off to school on his first day to know where his classroom is and who his Teacher-Adviser is. I also need to buy one more book that is not yet available at the time I bought his books in school. 

Surely, he will have his tantrums again when he goes home from school having plenty of homeworks, lol.  

Friday, June 10, 2011

Uses of Console Tables

We usually use small tables around the house, often slender with curved legs resembling consoles which is designed to be set against a wall.

We put them in different parts of the house to fill large gaps or wide spaces. It does not only add style and interest. but also serves for functional purposes too.

A  metal console table has different uses.
  • It may be used as a housing for electronic instruments, as radio or television. 
  • Placing it in the foyer is perfect for setting down mail, keys, and other small items as you walk through the door.
  • It will also add beauty to your living room having multiple storage and drawers to keep dvds, magazines, etc.
  • A kitchen console table is best to keep kitchen things.
  • A book case console table is perfect to keep your kids’ school stuffs.

I saw this elegant bookcase console table which will best fit for my son’s room and a metal console table for our living room. I will ask my husband to buy these as soon as our budget permits.  They are worth buying aren't they?

My Dream Garden

I always dream of a beautiful garden with a gazebo and a sundial.  I want to live in a farm when I get old and have my garden personally landscaped and decorated with plants. 

Being a nature lover, I want to spend most of my leisure time bonding with nature.  Having a garden best fits my interest.  I am very enthusiastic to equip my garden with a decorative sundial, a device that measures time by the position of the Sun. It will be very interesting to use it to tell the time of the day instead of looking at my wristwatch.  I can always keep track of time even if all the clocks in the house run out of batteries.  

A garden sundial that I dream of!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Father’s Day Preparation

June 19, 2011 is the celebration of Father’s Day, which is only a few days away from this post.  My two sons and I were secretly brainstorming last night on how we will celebrate it and what to give to our beloved “Haligi ng Tahanan” (a Filipino idiom meaning Father).  This day is one of the most important occasions we celebrate.

Yahmir, my youngest son said that he would be making a personalized greeting card, he and his Kuya JM, my eldest son are good in drawing and artworks.  They also suggested that they will be printing a big banner to be placed in our bedroom to surprise their Dad.  JM is also thinking of buying a new mobile gadget as a gift. While I asked their suggestions on what special meal will I cook on this special day.

Ideas and suggestions were overflowing, which made us more excited and eagerly looking forward for the family celebration.  We intend to surprise my husband, so we will keep our preparations a secret.  Don’t worry, Noi is very busy nowadays that he seldom opens the computer, so he will not be able to read this hihi. 

A Father’s Day greeting card, a big banner, a new mobile gadget, then for our special meal -Beef Mechado and Carbonara or Fettucini Alfredo and a blueberry cheesecake (all are Noi’s favorite food). 

I am still thinking of how I will create a festive meal.  Maybe, I will set the table for a candle light dinner, and serve some wine. What do you think? 

What about you, do you already have plans on how to celebrate Father’s day? Any gift ideas to share?

Please feel free to comment on more suggestions. Your insights are very much appreciated!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

No Pain No Gain

No Pain, No Gain is a very common expression we always hear from our friends and loved ones when they are giving us hope, motivation and to boost up our self-confidence when we face a difficult situation in our jobs, business or with personal relationships. 

Success in life will not come to us handy dandy, not unless you were born with a golden spoon. Without taking risks one will never achieve great success.

One must have the courage if she/he wants to succeed in his/her life endeavors. We cannot assure ourselves to be always on top, trials may come and bring us down. 

We must learn how to get-along with our associates, learn how to endure pain, solve conflicts, better judgment and wise decisions to achieve professional excellence.  No man is an island, we need other people to live, to share ideas, to take care, to love, to help us out in time of needs.

To dream big in my opinion is not an exaggeration of what you want to become or what you want to have.  But don’t just dream, make it real by giving out your best and exert effort to attain it.

Some of us easily loses hope when things go wrong and quits right away.  Bear in mind that if you quit you will not win, for as we track the path to success, problems arises, so expect the worst and be ready to face and solve it.  In this case we will be able to condition our heart and mind to whatever obstacles we will be facing. 

Work hard and be responsible in your decisions. There are greater value rewards for the price of hard and even painful work.